30 March 2005


Since I havn't had the time to really blog lately, I thought that I'll share some sights of Venezuela with you, if only I could make them smaller...Kami any suggestions???? All photos taken by me.

Topo Tepuy- the highest point in Caracas
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Los Roques, an archipelago off the caribbean coast of Caracas
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
La Guaira - descending to the airportImage hosted by Photobucket.com


Melody said...

Wow! Those are beautiful!

Abeni said...

That archipelago is beautiful-almost as beautiful as one the Grenadine islands.Camp,resize them.You can use photo editor or what ever programme u have

Campfyah said...

so I should resize them before I load them to photobucket? Ok will do. Venezuela has some beautiful places and I'll try to send as many photos as I can. Hey if you can be here personally you might as well be here in photos.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Camp. Dr. D.

Mad Bull said...

OOOhhh, nice pichas. Yeah, resize them. Use some graphics program, like paint shop pro, photoshop or one of the (limited functionality) free ones on the net.

James Gallagher said...

Totally amazing photos.

Yamfoot said...

lovely photos.
never thought of visiting Venezuela. One of my colleauges in Grenada, her husband's sister lived there so they always used to go and she would show me pictures too.

Jdid said...

wicked photos!