26 April 2005


Gotta get some writing in before the week slips away. How all yuh doin??
The weekend went well, did some things and got plenty ah rest, nuh complaining. It started out raining and ended raining...so yuh kno ah went swimming in muh family room upstairs.....
But lo n' behold we gets a called from dear landlords dat de fellas was coming bright and early Monday morning tuh start work. Well bright and early came and went and nuh fellas. I had to go about my business and so I did. When I came back home, I fouund them on the roof working. I din bother to ask how them get they. So they worked yesterday eventhough it rained some and they are back today, and rain set up again...but that's a continuing saga.

Got a pretty filled week ahead. The hubby travelling today, I have a function tuh attend tonight and some more events throughout the week. I also decide that since I got a big important engagement to attend on the mainland (USA) in June that I want tuh shed a few ah de extra grasa(fat) and slim down, so ah cud be looking de best ah cud be looking...So in joining with the other weight lost bloggers Dr. D yuh got company, I cuttin out on the lotta carbs and sweets. Now that's whey de willpower gotta tek effect. So for the next month, I kicking up the gym workouts and cuttin back on the diet. Ley we see wha progress I make.

Now talking about the gym. Some ah yuh know that I is a regular exerciser, at least 3X a week. Most ah de time I see de gym, but I think de gym doan see or acknowledge me...but I working on that. Anyhow, my regular classes includes Body Sculpting-- ah hour ah nuttin but weights and a body bar wid a female instructor, she got a decently sculped body. Then there is Tae-boxing, male instructor and a damned good workout. Sometimes I take a 1hr spinning class, another good workout and the other times it's Body fit--now body fit is a combination of step aerobics and weights. The teacher is a male guy, wid a body to die for. My man sculpted her, there and everywher....he coulda be de streaker at Kenningston the other day. However, I think my man got a lil sweetness in he bones amongst other places.

Now my thing is this, why is it that most ah de male gym instructors, who gives some of the best classes are the ones that got some sweetness in them. Ah mean..since I've been here some of the best classes I've taken have been with fellas, who got a lil more femininity than some women. Their bodies are sculpted to perfection and they can give a workout to perfection. Not to mentioned that they are much more friendly and pleasant than the female instructors. I've approached Mr. Body Fit about some personal training, but he tells me that he works at 3 gyms and just don't have the time....shucks..... I'm going to try to get him again as I approach my month long attempt at shedding some kilos. I just want him to work on my abs and hips....we'll see.

So that's my triad for today. Enjoy your day and be safe in whatever you do


Abeni said...

Good luck with the gym.Am simply to lazy to exercise consistently.When I was living in America I used to feel more motivated about but going but now it is just tennis for exercise.

Jdid said...

dem fellas wid de sweetness seem to take care of their bodies more than regular fellas

see me doah i will tek all dem sweets an carbs dat ya cuttin out an eat lol. wha happen ya aint kno round is a shape too, lol

Mad Bull said...

By fellows wid de sweetness I assume you mean gay. Am I right?