10 April 2005


Well for the lack of not being faithfull in my writings, also too from being a bit busy, I've decided to just write about a little bit of this and that and not much of anything. Gotta keep writing so, I don't get rusty, like if I was ever polished in the first place.

Couple of things on my mind this morning. Do you realize that as you are getting older, that the time just seems to fly by. I remember in my more youthfull days, how I couldn't wait until the weekend come. I mean it was probably when I had some hot party to go to or some dreadful possibility of a hot date, which usually turned out not to be not so hot afterwards. Wednesday would come and you in class, sitting in 4th period trying tuh mek it through Spanish or World History pissed cause it's only Wednesday, two more days before the weekend and those would be the two longest days in history, and then by the time you really start to enjoy the weekend.....riiingggg, the alarm clock gone off and it's monday morning, time tuh get up for school again... or the hot date din turn out so well afterwards, and them is the longest 48hr weekend yuh ever had. Now before you cud blink twice and get all the million things yuh gotta do, do...the week come and gone, the weekend a fading memory and yuh asking...what happen 2weeks gone already and my to-do list ein even halfway...chuupppseee!!!!

Item #2---people---why is it that some people so negative though? Case in point. gotta young girl dat work work wid we..girl negative tuh rahtid bout evathing... ah mean she can't open she mouth widout saying something negative bout sumbodie. Now because we wirk fuh ah international organization, we gotta represent our own lil B'dos amongst de bigwigs ah de international commmunity. Meaning image is about evathing, and when one ah we mek ah mistake or do foolishness, yuh ein gine hear dat oh dat Bill Bob mess up or Suzie Sue say son-n-so..yuh gine hear.... Did yuh see or hear wha Barbados say or do? Dem onlee know yuh by the country yuh representing.....

so anyhow wid this girl we always gotta be on we P's & Q's cause yuh neva know wha she gine open she mout and say at wha time. De girl ein got nuh tact, class or culture atall. Yuh walking down de stree, she see man, ,woman or chile...the first thing outta she mout is...lordde yung fella, yuh gotta loose some weight, or whey he get dah pants from doh? nd if um is a woman, um is worse, she does find eva fault in de book. Now bear in mind..she ein model material sheself...and she gained quite a few pounds since coming hey, but doan tell she so..cause she is it and evabodie else got fault. Dem things does really rub me wrong and it getting tuh de point dat we doan like tuh be around she atall. I always wonder if de company does think bout de people dem sending tuh represeent dem image. People wid nuh kinda culture atall....

Now that off muh chest, de next thing on muh mind, is selfish people. Got another aquaintance that bugging de hell outta me because of her selfishness. The girl, doan wanna work..but wanna be living life large. Got a nice husband, fella cool. working fuhhe coompany, and she know that wid de company and kinda work dat he do, that dem ein gine be living in no mansion on Beverly Hills, but she still wanna brek de man, so he cud buy she mansion in Beverly Hills or wheyeva de equivalent is in dem country.

Now she is Anglo-Europena, he is Colored South African. No problem. She thinks everything about her Euroepean country is the best, and nothing nice about his South Africa. They have a new baby. Well now baby girl, must have the best of everything whether daddy has the money or not to buy the best of everything. Bear in mind, that mommy has no intentions of working. Baby girl, must speak the european langauage first, she must go to european school and she must be everything european...anything South African will come after if at all. Did I mention that mommy, daddy and baby will live in South Africa nad not in European country, because daddy works for a south African company and is based there, plus mommy is loosing all her family ties in European country. I feel so sorry for Baby and daddy.

Why are people like that. Selfish, negative and so insensitive.


Abeni said...

Takes all kinds to make up this world.But you know some people never feel happy unless they can bring down some one else.

Jdid said...

dat girl need some tact. oh well not suprising. dem like dem doan screen people fa dese positions

Anonymous said...

Camp...some people jus don't know what to say and when to say it. Mek she stay dere, somebody will fix her business soon.

As for the wife of the South African....time will probly fix her...if de man don't tiyad a she and lef her! Dr. D.

Yamfoot said...

I stay very far from negative people.

I am into stress avoidance and positivity. This is the only life I know that I will have.