11 April 2005


Buenos Dias Blog world.  Just dropping in before I start my day to send you some sights of Caracas, well these ones are my daily views as I sit at the computer.  Quite an overcast day here this morning.  But have no fear in about another hour or so, the sun will be shining hot as ever, and I'll be thinking back to this moment of coolness and fresh breeze.

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Altamira - La Castelliana

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Centro Commercial San Ignacio Towers

I had a relatively quiet weekend.   Went to a birthday party on Friday night.  The host of the party has the most spectacular view of Caracas ever, I promise to go back and take some pictures, absolutely breath taking.  As tradition in our little group of friends, we like to throw B-day parties for the husbands and then give them childrens piñatas to brust.  Can you imagine a group of adults fighting for the goodies out of a piñata?  Well that was us on Firday night.  Normally refined young women and businesslike men, scrambling on the floor for the goodies.  Now bear in mind these goodies usually include the normal childrens stuff added with a bit of adult stuff for fun and entertainment. It depends on what the husbands hobbies are and what his job entails along with how wicked we women want to be.

On Friday night the piñata was a soccer ball, filled with soccer goodies, since one of the men in our midst has close asociation with Vino Tinto, the Venezulean natiional soccer team and the B-day boy is a true and true Trini.  So we had a ball.

Sunday was the usual church and afternoon slumber and now the week starts again.  So off I go to a meeting and the hustle and bustle of living in Caracas


Abeni said...

Any chocolates in the pinata?

Anonymous said...

Caracas looks like any major North American city....

The pinata thing sounds like fun. Dr. D.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Nice photos of Caracas. Looks similar to Ja. especially the mountains. That's a fun idea with the pinatas for adults. Hmmmmm, I'll try that one one of these birthdays. Have a good night.

Scratchie said...

Hi Campfyah, the pinata can be fun. One of my sisters is into the Spanish tradition thing so we tend to have them at our birthday and Christmas celebrations here at home. She was in Mexico for a while on some programme or the other. Fun and dangerous. I refuse to try and compete with wifey and sister-in-law cuz they will kill for those sweets and stuff. :)