19 May 2005


Gonna ramble today about pets. Now growing up we had crumb snatchers, we ein really had nuh pets. It was either a cat or dog that lived in the backyard. That animal didn't dear step on foot inside the kitched door, OK maybe the cat was allowed to wander around the kitchen and maybe the dining room, but that was the limit. De dog on the other hand knew better than to even venture beyond the kitchen door. When we were growing up, there was no such thing as buying cat or dog food, it was looka wunna scrape dem leftovas dey in dah bowl fuh dem crumb snatchers..cat, dog, fowl, mangoose, evabodie fend fuh demselves and such ideas as carrying dem to theVet was definitely outta de question...now picture this conversation...

Boy-"Granny, Spike looking sickly, maybe we should carh he tuh de doctor"...

Granny "Boy, wha foolishness yuh talking..yuh mad or wha, you does wuk sumwhey bout hey, you want me tuh spend muh hard earned coppers pun dah mangey looking dog"

Boy- But Granny looka he, he ein eating and he got piece ah he ear eat off

Granny - Boy, doan confuse me bout nuh foolish dog, carh he and dump he dey in de gully and tek he outta he misery.

So you see our great love of pets. Now fast forward to these days and times. Pets gine out licking. Dey got stores specially for pets...You ever went into Petland? My goodness that store more stocked than some supermarkets. Then there is Vets all over the place and all kinds of special equipment just for those crumb snatchers.

Island bloogers, I'm pleased to introduce you to my crumb snatcher Ginger.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ginger is the coolest calico cat in town. She wurtless and living the life. Now Ginger and her suicido brother Tito were abandonded and foolish me found them when they were 2wks old. Oh how cute hubby, we should take them home. Hubby meanwhile saying..look woman we live in an Apt, and we ein got nuh backyard. But ohhh look how cute dem look...well if yuh bring dem home, dem is yuh responisibility and I ein want nuh shitty smelling house..OK honey, you so sweett..*smooches* one big long chuuppsse come from hubby..so we carry Ginger and Tito (names give afterwards).

Fast forward 2 yrs later. Ginger is checked every year, she got she own little play toys, she spoiled and hubby is one ah she biggest spoilers. She's been spaded and had her claws removed. Curel you might say, but hey she naah pay fuh furniture she may scratch up bout hey. All in all we spend bout $500 gettin Ginger up tuh speed and house friendly. Imagine dat schmidt? Hubby and I always say if mouse run cross in front of Ginger, she gine look and sey but wha dat disturbing muh peace and she not gonna move. But let any flying thing come she way..it dead and eat. She a master at catching birds. Notice ah onlee mentioning Ginger. Well that's because Tito taught he cud fly and tried flying from 7 flrs up. He succeded twice, the third time he splattered. 9 lives gone in 3.

I saying alla dis to say, it's amazing how we can get attached to our pets. We never thought. Ginger is like our little child. She sleeps at the bottom of our bed with her own sheet, and she knows to stay there and don't venture any further. She curls up in our feet when we are sleeping. When we are on the computer. She waits patiently in the next room. From the time the computer shuts down and she hears the chair move, she knows to get up and follow us to the bedroom or whatever room we go in. She pretensious about who she allows to touch her and who she socializes with and she even pretentious about the type of food she eats. The cat outta control. She want work. When hubby gets up at dark thirty in the morning, he call her and she happily jumps down and go keep him company.

All in all she is a well behaved cat, and very friendly and cool..she doan sweat uttin atall, except a moth or bird that come flying bout de house or balcony. Some people say pets are a reflection of their owners. Well it must be kinda true, cause de hubby and I cool and simple and doan sweat nuttin. So much can be said for a cat we are house sitting for a friend now. A siameese cat named Sassy. The cat malicious tuh ratid and does jump pun any and evathing. De damned cat giving muh grey hairs in unexpected places. Tonight ah had tuh tek de cat down outta muh chandelier..yes, yuh hear me right, de blastid cat jump up into muh chandelier. But ah gine tell yuh de story behind dat cat tomorrow if ah doan kill she by then.


Anonymous said...

I not a puss lover...dogs now.

Them pet stores up so take tings too far. I see people ordering organic pet food from "Whole Life Foods"...organic place. Nuff o dem pet up so living better life than many human beings.

You hail from Bim....most people I know from Bim cool...they naw sweat nutten!

Have a good weekend. Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

Hi Camp, nice cat...I hasten to say you can keep them. No cats for me at all. Have two dogs though. I can fully see what you say about pets then and now. I've never spent as much money on pets as what I'm spending on this last dog. Too much story to get into here but trust me...I feel you on this one.

Jdid said...

I like scratchie and de doc, no cats fa me.
but wait so you mean ta tell me dat when you and de boss percolating ginger in the bed too? wuhloss :-)

ya kno i couldnt let that wun slide, lol.

actually regarding the pet food, up here so i hear that certain dogs cant eat bones cause it duz damage their stomachs, to that i say what is the point of having a dog if he cant eat bones. chupse!

Abeni said...

Gimme a dog any day.Cats freak me out with that stare they have.Dogs are just perfect:)

Mad Bull said...

Oh cool! Most of my crew are like me! I'm strictly a dawg person, Camp, the only type of cat I like are more commonly called puss*, but I can understand your pet sentiments still. ;-)
Enjoy your little kitty

Campfyah said...

Jdid...wha two ole hard back people like we need tuh be percolating fuh...we leffin dem kinda things tuh de young people.

I want a dog to, but a little cute onek but hubby sey he ein want nuh overgrown rat running bout de house.