18 May 2005

Knock on Wood

so much going on, not much time to write and the story of my life goes on. Last week I had legal issues with Blogger and muh site, no sooner than I get that sorted out, this week, I have health issues with the hubby.

About two weeks ago the hubby visited a client in the hospital. During the conversation, the man was telling how impressed he was with the treatment he was getting at the hospital and how professional the staff was etc.. He was a patient that was bought in from B'dos to have his treatment done. The hubby related to the man that yes, he knows the hospital was known for their good service, hence the cost of staying there. He also told the man that he was also a patient in said hospital about 2yrs ago and that the tretment he received was good and Knock on Wood, he didn't have any recurring symptoms and he was healed.

Lo n' behold, the next week, I hear, Camp...muh back hurting. I ask hubby, so why yuh trying tuh lift summuch weights in de gym fuh...yuh think you is muscle man...Hubby replied, naahh I ein lift too much weights, so he get dress and gone long tuh work. In de middle ah de day, I get a call from hubby, Camp, muh back hurting and I can't walk..we gotta go de Dr. now. So off we go to said Dr. Diagionisit...problem from two yrs ago has returned. Dr. tell hubby stay home and ease the back for the rest of the week, tek some pain medication and get some more test run on de back.

Hubby home, driving me up de wall cause being man that he is, he can't keep still and up and down eva 5 mins. and eva 2 mins screamig out in pain. I say, hubby tek de pain medication..he telling me, he nahh tek nuh pills cause he doan think it gonna work...like he is Dr. So off he goes tuh work again on Monday and can hardly walk, I trying tuh hold he up and both ah we looking pitiful, lordee, doan let de people think we bums begging fuh something. So hubby goes back to Dr. and the problem is worse. Dr. orders hubby hospitalized immediately. So that's where he is now. Now the Dr. has him hooked up to IV and pumping some pain medication in him. And hear de hubby telling me, Oh de medication working, I ein feeling de pain much. But he already confusing de Dr. that he ready to go home...men!

But let me tell wunna sumthing...when I grow up, I wanna be Dr. cause dem fellas mekking some serious money. First visit to Dr. Hubby spent all of 15 mins in de office, de Dr, pull, push, squeeze ask one or two questions and tell hubby get dress, write de perscription fuh de exams and medication and send he out de door. Cost Bs 100.000 @ $US45.00. The follow up visit tuh read de exams which taken was quite expensive....he see Dr. yesterday, time spent wid Dr. less than 10 mins..Dr. orders hubby to hospitalized... send he out the door and charges another Bs.100,000. I say tuh hubby, but he ein touch yuh, and it was a follow up tuh read the exams he ordered. Dat nuh matter he still want he money. Then when we went to register fuh de hospitalization, de first theng dem ask.. tiene suguro ( yuh got insurance?) and dem ein moving a straw till dem know how dem gonna get duh money. It ein nuh stay in hospital and then pay, no suh, it's pay first and then stay or get treatment. yuh think dem easy.

So ah finish rambling fuh de day, I gine and carh dis miserable man sum snacks and keep he company fuh a bit so he doan drive dem nurses mad.


Abeni said...

Speed recovery to Mr Camp.

Jdid said...

cuhdear looka how you gone an brek up de poor man. boy wunnah wumen so dangerous :-)

just kidding, I hope Mr Camp makes a speedy recovery. tell he tek it easy on the back.

Anonymous said...

Is not all docta mek money easy so Camp...plenty o we wuk hard fe pay de bills. You lucky seh you not in the US of A. Is dehso dem doh loaf to charge serious money....and ask for de insurance before you lay down.

Hubby sound like the typical male patient...don't listen to what dem get advised to do, don't tek medication. When dem bruck up bad now you hear is docta fault. The single best treatment for back pain is BED REST. The analgesics are just an adjunct to that. Hope him can walk outta hospital pain free soon. Dr. D.

Mad Bull said...

Hope he gets better really quickly. Those back things are awful.

Scratchie said...

Sorry to hear about Mr. Camp. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

Campfyah said...

I gonna pass de well wishes tuh hubby. He doing better, he started the therapy and say that it really working plus Dr.D de back getting plenty ah rest...and he ein got nuh choice but tek de medication. He shuld be home tomorrow.