16 May 2005

Eviction Notice

Lordee, dem had pity on me and lift muh eviction notice. I did sweating dey fuh a bit, cause I din kno how I was going to get by. De 4 days dat blogger had muh site padlock, mek muh do some real thinking about muh future... But thank goodness I had all muh papers in check tuh prove that ah did paying de mortgage fuh de site and dem shouldn't evict muh just so.

So all who offer tuh help muh out wid some loddging..Thank You! Jdid, Dr. D, MadBull and de others. I feel welcomed tuh de Blogging world.

I going to do ome minor cleaning up and come fresh, ah just pass thru tuh open de windows and air out de place fuh now.


Jdid said...

hallelujah! so who ya bribe ta get dem ta tek off the padlocks doah.

Anonymous said...

Tek dem likkle fasseys name blogger go court...afta all, you pay you mortgage and dem lock you outta you yard! We want JUSTICE!! It cyaan jus go so.

Nice to have you back in the crew. Dr. D.