08 May 2005


Happy Mothers Day

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..to all the blessed women who have ventured into the world of motherhood here's to you !!  Take the time to unwind relax and enjoy your day.  This should help in the process Image hosted by Photobucket.com Let the children cry for a while, let the older ones help with the little ones or just give them all to the hubby/novio and send them out of the house, or you leave the house.  If it's just you and yours, don't sweat, you can still enjoy a moment of piece and quiet.  It's called a nice long cartoon with lots of music and activity and a bow of cereal.  Let them have they way in front of the TV and you in the bedroom or bath.  Easy so..Nuh need tuh stress..just chill and relax.

Now, my last post was about child rearing and all the things that accompany it.  Well today I'm not venting, just sharing some stuff.  The Tall One is enjoying his last moments of H.S.  His big day comes within the first two weeks of next month.  All the hype and activities of senior year are upon us.  Not to mention the cost.  Boy times sure have changed since I was there some many eons ago.  There is the junior prom & suit.  This is where the seniors go to the junior prom with some 9th or 10th grader who wants to go just for going sake.  Then there is the senior prom.  This whey de yutes and gals pompeset with dem lucky sweetheart fuh de night. Big bucks.  It's another suit, payment and get this limo... The yutes stepping in style.  So my Tall One and his crew are renting a 19 seater Hummer Limo.  Hey, don't ask me, is dem money dey using tuh pay fuh dis limo apparently alla dem pitching in $100 fuh de limo fuh de night.  When I went to my prom, my boyfriend did lucky tuh get tuh borrow he father car, fuh we and another set ah friends.  Some people come in taxi and a few pun de train.  Now nowadays....ah sign ah de times.

Then there is senior pictures.  another big set ah money.  luckily fuh de parents, they din want a senior trip.  So dem had senior skip day last week.  A day whey de seniors just decide dem ein gine school dat day.  It has gotten to the point ova de years that de schools now puttin de day on the senior callendar.  Next now is graduation party and graduation day.. One whole set a money more.  Yuh think dem yutes easy tuh raise nowadays.

Now, we got college applications.  Rathid....alla dem applications fee dem is USD$50 non-refundable.  And de yute dem gotta apply tuh at least 5 colleges.  Well ah din mention de SAT Test and de accompanying fees.  De yute play de fool and he just tek he test on Sat, so ah hope he do well.  He appplied tuh only 4 colleges, but he hard head and think he know it all, so ah lettin he be fuh a bit...dat a another post later in de week.  De point is dat he applying and he on he way tuh wanting higher education.

So Mothers and Fathers who gotta play mother.  Happy Day...Hope all your hard work pays off in de end. it nah easy star.......


Mad Bull said...

Have a great day, Camp! nice to hear your little one going on so well.... Congrats.

Abeni said...

Happy Mother's Day.Indulge your tall one-you know how much you parents love your babies:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day to you Camp.

Ugh...limo....too much if you ask me. I notice they start ketch on with some people here too. Dr. D.

Jdid said...

happy mother's day.

Man I remember thats why I didnt aply to no schools in the US because every application was about expensive back then and I could only afford to apply so many places.

As for the costs of graduation my neice graduates university next month and her mom was telling me how much money them had to shell out for pictures, class ring and all that sort of thing. things definetly change.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Happy Mother's Day to you. It seems as if you and I are going throught the same with graduating children. My daughter is doing the same thing-they're renting not a limo but an Excalade with two other couples from prom night. It is an expensive thing tis Prom night. We nevva had nuttin like this!

Have a great day.

Scratchie said...

Hi Camp, Hope you had a great day. Good thing about it is that when you are finished and they go out you can say you did the best you could. Nobody can ask anymore than that.