04 May 2005

Child Bearing

This is my vent post fuh de week. For all women out there who do not have children or are thinking about having please note that child bearing is not a fashion. We don't have children because it's a style and you can have them today and get rid of them tomorrow when they go out of style. Children are Forever. Children are not to be a fashioned statement. My friends have children and they look so cute, therefore I want one too. NO!!! It don't work like that.
Neither is it that you see somone with a child and the child is well behaved and so cooey and sweet and you want one too. NO!!! Not the same, your child might be the brat from hell.

Another thing about having children. They change your life forever !!! Got that-- yes, when that big bald head, screaming, wrinkly little monster comes out of you, that's it... life as you knew it will cease to exist for the next 18yrs and thats if you only have one. Because if you mess around and get caught more than once, then your life as you once knew it will be changed for the next damned near 30yrs till all of the money hungry, food snatching monsters are grown and gone their way. Heaven forbids one or more of them become leeches and don't want to leave home.

So many of you might be thinking... geeez ... she's harsh, she must not have children... beepp wrong. I have one, and I accepted that once he came along, things was going to be different from then on. The partying-- stopped. The up and go at will-- stopped. The buy the latest fashions--stopped. The peace and quiet---Full stopped. Almost everything I did revolved my little one and the well-being of him. He's now practically a grown man, but still ah food snatcher, and money hungry child and it got worst when he got bigger because clothes, food, sprots and all the other services and social activities he needed got more expensive. The worries also increased when he became a teenager. You worry about the friends they keep, the activities they participate in and the many negative influences that surronds them. Then he began to learn how to drive, and that was another set of horrors and worries in itself. Let's not even mention college and the cost of attending. So you see, your life change but the fashion of children don't.

So where my anger? My anger comes from these selfish young mothers we have these days. They want a child because they think it's cute, their friends have one and they don't want to be left out of the loop. Then the child comes along and they are vex because they can't go hiking, partying, vacationing like before because baby is here. They complaining because baby cried all night and they didn't get any sleep. The mekkin all kinds ah noise because they home all day with baby and hubby/boyfriend out working to put milk in baby stomach. Selfish women that think that children is some kinda game or fashion. I'll have the baby as long as baby sleeps all night, don't cry much and be just cute and contented. NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! It don't work like that. Babies have their own schedules and it has nothing to do with yours. They cry at their will and can't tell you what's wrong. It's your problem to figure what's wrong and fix it and fix it fast.
Also, you selfish mothers out there. Don't be upset because working mothers have to drop off their babies in some crazy woman arms for her care for it all day. You complain, well you don't have your child all day long because you are at work and you can get some rest!!! Quit the damned whining. You have no idea what anguish a working mother goes through leaving her child in the arms of another woman. She misses a lot of first from the child not to mention a lot of bonding. You have no idea what working moms and single parents go through having to wake up in the middle of the night to care for baby, only to get 2 hrs of sleep before waking up to face the trials and tribulations of the workforce the next morning. You damned selfish woman! You and baby can sleep as long as baby wants in the morning. You don't have to worry about playing super mom. You don't have to worry about choosing between your career and your child. Working moms do! Single parents have no choice but to keep quiet and keep moving.

Last but surely not least. The whole weight issue. You selfish women want to have baby but still wear size 2 clothes. ****slap**** up gainst yuh head. once you have a child, chances are very slim that you willl get back into that size 2 dress. You might get back down to size 3, so accept it and be greatful that you are still not wearing maternity and post op size 16, you selfish thing you. It's called child bearing, dem hips had tuh stretch to get out the oh so cute baby that you wanted because you tink it is fashion. And for the one that waited till they are past 35 to have your first child, the same is true and worst for you. You already complicted matters by waiting so long and now you want miracles. The whole notion of I want to be back in my old size 4 dress again, before I try at baby #2 is just silly. IF you want to have 2-3 children, go ahead and have them. You are already old, so make the best of the situation and pray for healthy children at your age instead of thinking about selfish vanity.

So take heed to selfish women out there. Children are a gift from God. They are not a fashion statement, just to dress up pretty and buy the most expensive things. They are here to stay and life after a child will never be the same again. So grow up and mature and take the blessing of having children seriously and quit the damned selfish whinning.


Anonymous said...

Well, I sort of look at it from a different slant. I say pregnancy is not a virus that you catch like the flu. DO NOT BREED UNWANTED PICKNEY!

This is suppem that gets me damn annoyed.

Hail to good parents who plan for children. Dr. D.

Mad Bull said...

And buy life insurance... give the pickney a start in life, rasta.

Jdid said...

whoa, relax yaself girl

great post by the way. if only alot a dese young women wud listen to stuff like this. they think getting a baby is some sort of follow fashion thing and then they dont want to change their lifestyle so the baby suffers.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah tell us how yu really feel-;-)
I agree with you about some young women having children just 'cause they're cute. Planning for children is the ideal thing. IT is when you have people just breeding and breeding and who have no financial stability or resources for their offspring-the pattern of poverty goes on.
I can tellyou-me for one ain't having no more pickney!!!! Great post. Have a great day

Abeni said...

I keep getting"the when are you going to have a baby" lecture.Apparently at 25 my time is running out to hear some people tell it.But no way am I ready for those challenges so baby would just have to wait for a litle bit.Right now it just nice to borrow my friends babies and send them home when I have had enough

Scratchie said...

Camp, a very interesting perspective indeed. I couldn't agree with you more. I marvel at the term children by accident. You can't accidentally sleep together. If you are doing what causes pregnancy and you don't want children you know what to do. That's for a different post though.

traynice said...

And please really take care of them. Dont be walking around looking the bomb and your child wearing clothes that are too small. Dont have them out and about and you know they are sick and need to be home getting proper care....Finally make sure you are working with other mothers at the daycare to help keep them healthy. My son is picking up everything and when I suggest to the other mother's what they should do so we can all be working together they think I am the crazy one.

Campfyah said...

Those perspectives are pretty good also. But actually I was coming from the perspective of parents who can afford to have the child. But their own selfish interest is hindering thr proper progress of the child. Also they want the child mainly because they think it's a hip or cool thing and not seriously thinking of the after affects of raising a child. It's not all about the Parda, gucci and all the latest in baby things or bout how much material things the child can have. This really pissess me off