28 May 2005


what a glorious day we have here in arepa tierra. The clouds are down over the mountains, so my usual daily look at the top of El Avila is obscured and I cannot see the hotel. But behind the clouds, I can see and feel the sun in all its glory. Gracias a DiĆ³s for such moments.

Not much happening in this side of town. I was rudely awaken this morning, because hubby being man, wouldn't listen to things and tried to lift a 20ltr bottle of water. Well guess what. bottle crash, water and glass all over the kitchen floor, and hubby looking at me with puppy dog eyes, telling me. Oh I just did something wrong....duuuhhhh.... is that so? yuh know yuh back ein nuh good, but yuh think yuh can lift a 20 ltr bottle ah water.... so my morning was spent, drying out the kitchen floor. What saved me was a neat little feature in all the apts here. They have built in drains in the floors of the bathrooms and kitchens. So excess water and be pushed into the drain and helps make your life easier.

Now the weekend is going to be a quick and easy one. I'm off to a bazzar as soon as I finish this blog, looking for aparticular native piece from the Amazoan indians. After the bazzar, it's back home to help hubby on a project he's working on and relax the rest of the day. Tomorrow, it's ff to church where we have special program. It's also North American Sunday. the countries of North America, all three of them, of which we only have one in attendance at the church. Will prepare a special lunch and program after church. It jeans, T-shirt and cowboy boots day. Boy the blog tomorrow should be interesting.

Monday, it's vacation time, I'm off to the mainland, to start the festivities of the yute graduation and do some damage to my debit card. Not much else happening in and around here, so folks out there, enjoy your long weekend for the Americans and the wonderful weekend for all others. I gonna check you all tomorrow after church.


Anonymous said...

Before I read your mention of it, I said to myself...20 Litre bokkle o water...nuh dis man a have back pain? Anyway.

Try not to kill de debit card! ;-) Dr. D.

Mad Bull said...

A so man stay fi true...

Abeni said...

Look like the man like hospital.You sure he eh see a pretty nurse:)