26 May 2005

A Thin Line.....

between love and hate... Ah tell yuh, that statement is so true. I told you already that my week was going to be a rough one and no sooner said than done. Boye life at times does test yuh patience. First it was de rathid thief Dr. who BTW de hubby have to go back and line he pockets tomorrow. Then it was de yute wid he continuing education. Now it muh ex-stupid (ex-knife fuh de fellas)

It amazes me that a realationship that was once based on lots of love or puppy love or inflatuation can turn to one of pure disgust. Now I'm not one for sharing much of my personal self on the Net, and think that the stuff I shared so far, can't be too incriminating against me. This one shouldn't be either. For the people that know me, know that given a chance I'd run my ex-stupid over with a 18 wheeler going full speed. Enuff said. Well being that I can't get away with doing such, plus the distress it would cause to the yute, I let him live. But in letting him live means that I gotta constantly deal with his stupidity.

I tell yuh when I look back I wonder what I was drinking or smoking for that matter in my youth that I actually said...wow, I like this fella, let we get married and live happily eva after....Stupes... Why didn't someone try to stop me.. Like I shoulda fire my good friends back then. Anyhow, so I went ahead, and the result was over 10 yrs or marriage, experiences, challenges and lo n' behold a child. and with each year Mr. ex-stupid got siller by the year to put it nicely.

Well anyhow, I got wiser and the result was of course off to see Judge Maybelyne on Divorce Court. Well actually we din see she, but yuh get de drift. So yrs later and trust me, it's been yrs since the split, we still gotta be in contact, cause believe it or not, we got something in common. The yute. So we struggle along trying to be cordial to each other for the yute sake. But as the years go by and I hae to deal with him on different issues my dislike for the man grows stronger. It get to the point of total disguss and hate. Now some might be saying, Oh I jellus, that he move on with his life, his wife, children, career.. yaddda, yaddda, NOTE: None of the forementioned is true. The man ein got nuttin for me to be jellus of. So why the disguss, because straight up- he ah ediat (as one of our fellow bloggers would say) pure and simple ediat, ediat, ediat.

As you all know I mentioned that the yute gonna be graduating H.S come next month. He got expenses that needs to be covered between ex-stupid and myself. OK things going along and we doing our best. Now why do I get a call first thing before I crawl outta me bed the other morning from the mediator between me and ex-stupid. You see, things had gotten so bad between us, that someone who has the yute best interest at heart has been our moderator for yrs. I wanna communicate something important to ex-stupid, I go through mediator and vice-versa. If it's not so pressing, I send an email directly to ex-stupid. As yute has gotten much older and understands the situation. I tell him and informs him to repaly to his father. So mediator calls me informing that ex-stupid has called complaing that something that was to be done on my end in regards to yute was not done. Mediator, ask but why yuh ein email Camp. Ex-stupid has one of his usual stupid responses. Mediator responds with but you and yute can't wait until the last minute to tell Camp that XYZ need to be done. You know Camp is out of the country and things takes time to be done from her end. Dat nuh matter Mr. Stupid.

So I get confuse early in the morning to sin my soul. Someone once told me that if you want to have a peaceful day, start your day off in conversation the the Lord and that is something that I usually try to do. Before I talk to anyone, I talk to the Lord. So why was my first converstion that morning something fustrating me having to deal with ex-stupid. I sudennly felt the need to drive that 18 wheeler truck at full speed. The thing is that the same issue that he was complaing about, was a matter that had been dealt with. But since he so idiotic, he didn't bother to check the facts or ask a simple question. So when all is said and done..what did I tell the moderator. that he ah blastid ediat...pure and simple. Moderater shakes head in acknowledgement as moderator has realized over the years.

There is a thin line between love and hate and I gonna be walking that line come two weeks when ah have to face him for the yute prom, graduation and the related activities. Believe me I started saying my prayers and decide that ah gonna leave my drivers license at home. I'm not a bitter ex. Not at all, but you realize your mistakes and you, ,grow up, ,mature and move on. Just some people don't and yuh gotta deal with these ediats whether you like it or not. But It's all good, cause I can handle Mr. ex-stupid


Anonymous said...

Hush Camp....we all make mistakes in our lives...the good thing is that most of us learn in a positive way and grow from them.

You never know....you and Ex-Stupid may just have a cordial meeting at the prom....even if him a EEDIAT!! ;-) Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

I'm sure you will rise to the occassion when dealing with Mr. ex-.

*(Note to self "Ensure that Amber alert is issued for removal of all 18 wheelers in the vicinity of Camp Jr's graduation, prom when Campfyah attends")*

Abeni said...

Stay away from 18 wheelers! We do not want to see on CNN woman charged with driving over ex husband to face grand jury.Am a child of parents who split so I been in the middle of nuff aggro and stuff.

Jdid said...

relax yaself , de boy getting older an the older he get the less ya gine gotta deal wid de ex hopefully.

Angry Dog said...

Bwoy Campy, an 18-wheeler? Never would've thought of that! Cho, don't sweat it my girl, sometimes us men do tend to get more unbearable and stupid as we get older--just take your time go thru and don't let Mr. Man sin your soul you hear!

Mad Bull said...

Woi yoi! Imagine when the son get married and they want the parents of the groom to go dance a tune or two! What a calamity!