01 June 2005

Bienvenidos Scrubbs

Just popping in for a quick hello and to share some vino con ustedes. The trip up to the mainland was good, a few little hitches here and there, but no need to be bothered with that now. Just note that if at all possible try to avoid MIA when travelling to the mainland. Enuff sed. Also of note is that summer is in full swing and peoples think that them can walk about any kinda way. For example, as I see wid my own two eyes at MIA. If you are woman, and have size 44DDD breastests....you should not wear a white tube top without a bra. Enuff said. Example #2. If you are 250LBS and 5'2", then please do not wear a mini skirt and middrift top. Enuff said. I ein hear dis from nobodie, but see wid my own two eyes. Alright since I get that off my chest, let me move right along to the title.

So lil sis is anticipating child #1, Little boy blue is due on Friday. Auntie Camp comes home and rubs up lil sis tummy, little boy blue get all excited and wants to meet auntie Camp, so Mr. Boy Blue, pops the water on Monday night. But it seems as when he popped the sack, he had a change of mind and decide that he not going anywhere. So lil sis is in hospital, abuela, papa, abuelo, tia, alla we waiting but little boy blue ein buddging. So about 24hrs going by and muh brother ein budging. Drs. go to see what's holding him up, takes a sonogram, only to find his life line wrapped around his body and heartbeat dropping. Evabodie rushed outta room and off to surgery lil sis goes.

At 3:25 this morning, Drs took out boy blue, kicking and screaming and asking fuh sumthing to eat. Weiging in at 8lbs11oz and a bit ova 20". eyes wide open and fiddling his lil fingers in his mouth. So my fist two nights in the big apple was spent in the hospital, awaiting little boy blue. Anyhow as you know with me It's all Good!! Little boy blue doing well and so is lil sis.

Why the name scrubbs, well after waiting all day, for sis to recover and things to get back to normal, we tired, scruffy and ready to pass out. papa bring little boye blue to meet momma for the first time. about 12 hrs after he made his grand appearance. I see him all wrapped up and he just look so cute and bubbly and the first word out my mouth, Scrubbs. So his nickname from me is Scrubbs. Moma y poppa dicho Justin...named after a great grandparent.

Abuela, momma, poppa y yo son muy cansado ( we real tired yuh) so I just wanted to shout you folks and welcome Scrubbs. Cheers/saludos to Scrubbs, Lil Sis and daddy.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear re Boy Blue. Eyes open? All de newborns I see eye dem usually well shut.

My sis may have hers by end o week too.

Agree with you....avoid MIA....FLL is a far more pleasant experience.

And yea, some people clearly doh have no mirror at dem house. Cho. Dr. D.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Glad to hear of the safe delivery of Scrubbs and lil sis doing well. She obviously had to have a cesarean?
Yes-I've seen those "prosperous" looking ladies fold in the fat into those tube tops and halter tops and anything dat can STRETCH. Hope you got the importnat shopping in.

Mad Bull said...

Tell them that Mad Bull congratulates them and tell lil bwoy blue I said "Respec'" :-)

Mad Bull said...

Oh, and knock his little fist for me, ok?

Abeni said...

Welcome baby boy.

Jdid said...

well congrats to your sis

know what you mean about the dress thing though, i might post on that this week

Nappyhead said...

Congratulations on the addition to the family, he sounds adorable! And yes those 2 public service announcements were MUCH needed, I don't know what it is about the sun that makes folks lose their minds and think they can wear whatever the heck they wanna wear at the cost of other people's vision! **shudder** lol!

obifromsouthlondon said...

funny how the big "chicks" always rock their mini skirts regardless.