08 June 2005


Peoples, ah just passing thru to say a quick hello. Vacation coming along quite well. Did some damage to the debit/credit cards today and loved every bit of it. Man the styles for the summer is vicious and I must go back to Caracas looking fresh.

Scrubbs had his first check up today and all is well. He lying across my lap taking a nap as I type while mom takes a little break. He got a good set a lungs on him and likes a lotta hand, so we gotta work on him quick. But It's all good. A new addition to the family and we are enjoying him. Funny, as one grandchild is off to college and be on his own, another one comes to replace him. Such is the circle or life.

Nothing much to report out of NYC, well there is a lot, but we need not go there. First we had the killing of a 11yr old girl by her 9yr best friend. They were fighting over a ball. Some words were exchanged, the older 16yr brother of the accuser, taunted his sister over something the friend said. So sister acted on the taunt, when and got a stake knife and plunged it into the bestfriend heart. Two families forever torn apart. The moms of the two girls were also best friends.

Next incident we had was the drwoning of a 16yr old boy and 41yr man. Some friends frolicking on the beach goes for a swim after the lifeguards leave for the day. no sooner than they were in did they find themselves in trouble. A fella beaching with his girlfriend tries to help them and got caught up with the strong under currents and drowns, another fella surfing tries to help, he rescues on of the boys but couldn't find the other. Summer hasn't started and another family is grieving.

In other news, the yute had his prom last Friday. Well, I gotts to do a little bragging here, cause he was looking goood. Pictures to come when I get back to arepa land. He wore a white suit with burnt orange shitr and tie, and his date wore a matching colored dress. The were all quite excited. The interesting thing about the evening was, that If I didn't look around me to realy see where I was, I would have thought that I was in Hollywood at the Academy Awards. The young people ein playing atall,...My son and his group, all 20 of them had a 24 seater Hummer limo, and that was just one of many that was in attendance. The school sponsored what they called. Red Carpet....picture the Oscars and you'll know what I mean, and if you see Mercedes, Lexus, Hummers, Cadillac limos, you would be hard press to remember that these were just high school students. If you see styles and fashion..the kids weren't playing at all. They came out and came out hard. They all looked good though.

Anyhow that's it from me. The weather here hot as can be and we enjoying it all. Until next update.


Scratchie said...

Sounds good Camp...Enjoy it all...

Jdid said...

damn i need to start a limo company

Campfyah said...

I was thinking the same thing too..yuh think de two ah we cud pull if off in B'dos, ah mean dey copying evathing else from the U.S So why not ley we cash in on this market first... dem yutes, shelled out a pretty dollar fuh dat limo. It was over 2Gs, but the good thing, was they were all dropped off at their respective homes after the prom by the same limo, so no need to worry about them driving that hour of the night.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Glad to hear you're enjoying NYC and Scrubbs doing well. Yes, the limos are extremely expensive-wow 2G. Anticipating the photos.

Mad Bull said...

I want in on that business arrangement. I will be a silent partner. I won't get involved at all, except to collect. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Camp, enjoy yours stay with family. NYC eh? Been there once, not in a rush to return.

I see a few limos here too....have no idea about cost of rental...too showy for my liking tho.

Good that Scrubbs fine. My sis and her cherub home now as well.

I still having computer issues so visits infrequent. Dr. D.