27 June 2005

Bodas y regalos

Yes, man June and July de hot months fuh weddings. evabodie gettin maried and struttin their stuff. some wedding big, some small, some eloborate... some well planned and other should have been planned. anyhow it's all about love and showing love or showing off. So me and de hubby get an invitation tuh a dear friend ah mine wedding. We had choices; tuh attend the weddin in Barbados or the reception in Florida. the couple live in the North east. She a beautiful Bajan lady, he a hardseed Jamacian. Actually it was a nice little love story.

Turn back the hands of time to two yrs ago, Prospect Heights Cardinals are having their 20yr reunion..(yes, ah showing muh age) so lucky for me, I'm in town and had just manage to reconnect with the same friend through reunion.com some months earlier... pure luck and chance. he tell me about the reunion plans and I'm all for it. I hadn't seen anyone of the crew since I left H.S. Anyhow the reunion comes and it was a ball.... going back in time seeing all those faces of yrs ago, some looke the same, some changed. a few gals and guys, put on a lil weight, but people still looking good.

So me and yardee fella, use tuh hang tight in school along with another trini girl. We were amongs the jocks and noisier caribbean crew. The bajan girl was a much quiter one, she hanged with the bajans, but kept a low profile. The same was true at the reunion. However, little did I know that my yardee fella had his eyes on her since H.S but let her slipped away. So fast forward tuh reunion night and bajan beauty still quiet, and yardee hardseed still got eyes for her, but this time he's not letting her slip away (both parties still single) And so begins a romance that climazed in a wedding earlier this month in Barbados. how tweet !!

So back to the topic at hand after that brief digression (ah getting old and can't stay focused). The wedding clashed with my Tall One graduation, so you knew where my priorities were. The hubby and I will attend the reception in Fl, this coming weekend. But what I really want to comment on is the gift registry. Now the couple is registered at two places. no problem. I didn't plan on using the registry since Ifigured that I'll get them a gift from here. cool, they've never visited and I thought that it will be a nice touch.

But I just thought let me look at the registry and see what they want. Now do these people really think the guest will purchase the things on their registry. Is it stuff that they really want or is it an outlandish wish list. I mean I see some expensive things on that registry. Now unless you are my very bestests friend and I have one of those and only one, I'm not paying $200 for a wedding gift. I think $150 is asking a bit much also. I see items on that registry that was over $150.00. yes they were a few $49.99 and the likes, but quite a few items were over $100. Am I being cheap or have I been out of touch with the U.S. and things associated with gift giving.

I'm not asking this only of this particular couple and their wedding. I also refer it to other gift registries. My sister who just had a baby had one. she had quite a few items on her list, but many of them were kinda expensive. She got a lot of stuff for the baby, but hardly anything came from the registry. Not to mention, the registry inluded wish stuff and not many practical items. We still had to go and get them for her. What's with the whole gift registry thing? I'm just curious. I'm gettin my friend a nice gift representative of their taste and the country in which I live and it won't cost near as much as the stuff on the registry. I hope they like my gift.


Anonymous said...

'hardseed'...mus be a Bajan ting dat...but I get the jist from the contex! (But you know my male mind at work too!) ;-)

So, you going Florida or Bim...which did you pick?

$200 US for wedding gift...gotta be family or bredrin....I not a wealthy man at all.

Take care till I return. Dr. D.

Mad Bull said...

Well, I know that many places that do the registry thing know that the stuff they sell is expensive, and that some of them do allow multiple people to pay down on an item until the total is reached, i.e. if the item costs $150, then you might put $50. Another couple might put $60 and yet another $40. In so doing, each couple has spent what they intended to spend, and the couple getting married gets the item their heart desires. Thats how things are done back a Yard, as best as I can recall...

Campfyah said...

¿en serio? I didn't know you can do that? I thought that once you selected the item, that it was limited to one person/payment only. Now that's a thought.

Abeni said...

Some the things can get well expensive on the list.But,I usually spend according to the level of friendship.As MB says I have joined up with a friend before to buy a gift from a list.Not sure if that was what the bride had in mind:)

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Nice love story there. Now, seeing that you will be spending monies to attend their reception in Fla, then I feel the gift you pick out from home will be in good taste and would be appropriate. Also the monies spent, I agree would depend on the level of friendship. Do what is best for your and your pockets. I don't think in this day and age one has to follow the registry. But Mad Bull's suggestion is a thought.