06 July 2005


It's been about five days since my last blog and I'm suffering withdrawl symptoms. Doc whey yuh at, ,ah need a prescription real quick.

I just got back from Orlando today. The trip was a quick in and out one, but a rather nice one. Went to a old school friends wedding reception as I told you all about in the last post. It was such a lovely event held on a Disney Resort hotel. Niiice huh. It was like a mini school reunion as we had a lot of school mates there. More on that to come later.

While in Orlando, we took in some of the sights. We stayed right up the street from Wet n' Wild and Unversal Studios. We went to Universal Studion on the 4th, to enjoy the truly American experience of theme parks, hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, carmel apples....do you all realize that all my trips surrounds food..OK..since you figured that out, anyhow, we took in the whole experience ending with the spectacular fireworks display orchestrated by classial american patriotic music. The night ended with a walk down City Lights, drinking Margaritas and jamming to some Bob Marley (tomorrow when ah get myself together, I'll give more details of the experience).

So, once again, I'm back and this time it's to stay for a bit and replinish the plata(funds).

Of note: the travel experience wasn't too bad, but of course there is a story to tell.

So see wunna tomorrow.


Abeni said...

Big time traveller you.Don't make me die of envy!.Hope you had a blastttttttt

Scratchie said...

Sounds like we in for some internet labrish......(story, chat, gossip)

Jdid said...

you like you doan like ta stan home

Campfyah said...

Far enuff from being a big time traveller Kami. It just dat we got pickeney all ova de place.

Jdid, we ein got nuh choice but tuh stan home fuh de next few months cause de pockets brek, brek, brek....

Yes, Scratchie...labrish dat is, ah gine fill wunna in, but ah ein got nuh gossip.