29 June 2005


Travelling!! Summer... Jun-Aug ... those few precious months when the days are long, the sun is hot, hot, hot and people do most of their travels. Many go up North tuh see family, friends and catch up those most important shopping bargains. Others head down south, to get some much needed RnR and chill on sandy shores with a cool Banks, Red Stripe or Corona. Not to mention the sights and sounds of carnival, sunsplash, crop-over. Travelling requires you to deal with the horros of lost luggage, constant assult on your person via the false pretense of homeland security searches, delayed flights, missed meals, obnoxious people, incompetent airline staff and the list continues.

Remember the days when travelling was a treasure? when you looked forward to the experience with blissfull pleasure. You put on your best threads, packed your valise days in advance and was ready. Even if you was running late, you could always mek a mad dash to the gate and check in there bags and everything. The family would stand at the gate and cried long bucket ah tears when you only gone way pun a two week trip tuh de next island. If you got lucky and cried hard enuff, the woman working the gate would let you got to walk up to the plane door the see your dear love one off. Alright enuff of the memories. dem days done and ova wid. this is a new era and new times...

As I was preparing to pack for yet another trip, I was thinking about the days of yore and how travelling has changed since. For starters, it ein no more of puttin on your best threads, not at all. man nowadays people travel in any kinda thing. It seems like some people does just get up, throw on two old slippers grab duh passport and out de door. like dem just get up de morning and say... Oh shoot, ah fuget dat I gine up north today, check tuh see wha time de flight and dash out de door. de way some ah dem be looking, I does have doubts if dem remember tuh brush duh teet or wash duh face before dem leff out de door.

In muh last flight, I did checking out some people. many were wearing slippers, wife beaters (vest fuh wunn West Indian men), sneakers without socks, sweat pants, sweat shorts. I mean just looking like dem gine down de street tuh de laundry mat. I always wonder what these people were thinking when dem decide that's what dem gonna wear on the plane amongst all de other people. Now, I always try tuh dress decent cause like de hubby does say, yuh neva know who yuh gine butt up pun in de airport. I actually did meet one helluva handsome fella in de airport one time that lead to a nice friendship but that's another story for another time. Unlike de hubby, who always dressed down in slacks and blazer, I perfer the more elegantly casual look. A nice pair of jeans, relax blouse and comfortable shoes. I had a hard time wid de hubby and jeans, cause he used to think it was way to casual to dress. I told him..boy listen up, I grew up in de U.S, it's bare jeans, T-shirt and sneakers when travelling. I've grown up since then and play the part of wifey of the second man in charge ah he company latin america, so I do jeans and heels and a jacket. OK work wid me now...give a girl some slack.

But I think that they should be some basic dress rules when travelling. Rules like #1-No flip flops. I do not want to see or smell your funky feet, crusty heels or unpedicure toes. Note: Ladies, it's summer, if you gonna be wearing sandals or slippers, please get a pedicure. Rule #2
no terry cloth or pom-pom shorts. Unless you have a Halle Berry body, then I don't want to be subjected to your cellulite or other unsightly bodily dents, indentations or purtusions. Rule #3 Men, no wife beaters (vest). Put on a real shirt. most of wunna doan shave wunna arms and I don't want to see or smell your hairy, stinky armpits with all the deodorant rolled up in the unsightly hair. Besides, I also don't want to see your hairy chest...wear some decent clothes. Rule #4- ladies, please leave the swim suit tops and wrap skirts on the beach or wait until you get there to put them on. Besides, you never know who you will run into or sit next in that airplane to that can be a perfect opportunity gone to waste because of the first impression you past on to the person.

Entonces... peoples enjoy your summer travels, wear some decent, relaxed and comfortable clothing and happy travels. I gine and pack muh valise.


traynice said...

I remember being 12 and my mother had me dressed going to bim. A soft crepe material jumper white blouse and patten leather sandals. I asked her if I can wear shorts and a t shirt and she said no you always look nice but comfortable when you are traveling. I still do and make sure my daughter does to now her hair afterwards is another story.


Sunshine said...

Hi Campyfay-Enjoyed reading your blogg. I'm chuckling as I read it. You brought back similar memories of what travel was like years ago. You're so right about the way folks dress to tek plane these days. I'm all for dressing comfortable "travel clothing" and doan wear what looks like bedroom slippers with crusty looking unmanicured toes. Travelling these days is so different, more of a burden than a prelude to a nice vacation. Man yu mek me laugh this mawnin. Good one.

Scratchie said...

Although I'm dying here with laughter...I couldn't say it better myself Camp.

I guess we've come a long way since the dulcimina days.

Jdid said...

people nowadays aint care at all

for me i always travel in jeans and a t shirt and something longsleeved cause them planes duz be cold as tail. thats my everyday all day unless i gine church or a wedding or abig business meeting look lol. boy i love jeans to the max!

Abeni said...

Its very casual for me.Some jeans with some sleeveless top etc.But some people really very very casual on some flights fuh real.I suppose they comfy:)

Yamfoot said...

Anything goes these days. I was thinking just that as I sat in Row 8 and observedthe people in First Class in sweat pants etc.

I remember in 1987 I think it was. I was at school in Nassau and made a quick trip back to Jamaica for Christmas Day, courtesy of my sister who was a flight attendant.

When I was ready to go back to Nassau, my neighbour at the time who was also a flight attendant, looked at me in my expensive Benneton red shorts and told me categorically that I could not go on the plane like that. But, but, but, I'm a student, and other people dress like that.

Bizniz not she said, and my sister also chipped in. So I had to put on long pants.

Also when my sister was at BWIA and I travelled on almost-free ticket, she would vet what I was wearing....when she could that is!

But I don't dress sloppily. When I travelled this last time, I wore Jeans, a polo shirt and a belt!

Anonymous said...

Chru, chru Camp. For me, a jeans that well roomy...doh need nutten fe squeeze up nutten specially when flights longer than an hour and a half, polo shirt and 'boat shoes'. Casual, semi decent and comfortable is what I'd call it.

Imagine, folks next to me coming up to Baltimore...a Yankee couple, both in shorts, she inna well short shorts. When we airborne, next ting me know the man hand between she legs and she there slapping him saying stop. She then turns to me...."Oh, I've got a big kid here who is gettin kinda antsy!" Eventually, he stopped.

Despite all we have to put up with to travel, it is always great to link up wih loved ones and bredrins. I'm thinking about another trip to my sis already. My neice is a real bundle of joy! Dr. D.