17 August 2005

Camp's Contemplation

as to wheather I should continue this blog or not. Why? well, first off I was thrown intot he blog world accidently. A bretheren of mine started his blog and sent me the link, in my attempt to respond to him, I realize that I needed to sign up and hence It's All Good joined joined the blogsphere. So I said Aye caramba...what de heck, let me give this a try. But in the months that I've been blogging, I've been struggling to fit in the blog world, let me tell you why.

First, I'm not a writer. I don't blog for the love of writing or for the sake of keeping a dairy, hell, I've tried on several occasions to keep a personal dairy and have failed miserably, so a blog dairy ein no different. Now when I do blog roll my deficiencies really show through. There are some bloggers out there who are absolutely incredible. I read their stuff and wonder, how did they come up with such facinating stuff. These people have a way with the written Word, and their expressions are simply off the hook. It's when I read these blog that generate 20 and more responses that I say, my blog is nothing. I'm just taking up valuable cyberspace with my non-essential rantings.

Second, my blogsite leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, just look at it. Nothing, no links, no fancy colors, nothing that stand out and say here, look at It's all Good, stop by and read. It's not a site geared specifically to entertainment, enlightment or enpowerment. It's just there. Period. But why is it that way? For one thing, I don't know HTLM coding. OK call me out for what I am, but hey I just never learned the stuff, yea, I know in this day and age, that pretty much amounts to a crime, so yes, I'm guilty as charged. I have it on my list of things to do when I'm finally released from Arepaland.

Another thing is, that I don't think that I write as freely as I can. Another question why? Well because you never know who's out there in cyberland reading and because of our position here in Arepaland and moreso the hubby's job, I need to be extra careful of the things I do write. So as not to ruffle any feathers or having to face any reprecussions later on, I'm very selective as to what I choose to write about. I have quite a few ideas to share, but you just never know who's lurking, so it's better be safe than sorry.

Some of you might say, well it's your blog, so just do your thing and write. Yea, that all good and well, but when I read the interesting, intellectual, amazing, entertaining stuff out there, do you really want to read about my daily grind here in Arepaland. I've already seen and proven that you really don't- five comments on a post don't necessarily amounts to mass appeal interest.

Others might say, write for yourself, well if that's the case, then why have a public blog? I can write for myself on my paper dairy. I think the whole purpose of blogging to to connect with others out there, let them be inspired or entertained with something you have to say and then let them voice their opinions via comments. I don't blog for the sake of writing for myself.

So I continue to contemplate, take a break recollect my thoughts on why I want to blog or if I should continue blogging. Do I have something, empowering, enlightening, entertaining or thought provoking to share with fellow bloggers? If so, maybe I'll continue to blog, if not I'll just throw in my hat, conceede to the real bloggers and just continue to read and add comments, and accept that I tried, but it just wasn't for me.


Jdid said...

chupssssssssseeeeeee! doan let me come cross deyso fa ya wid this bullpisle ya kno!

first off dont compare yaself ta nuhbody else blog. just write what comes to mind and what feels comfortable writing. like i was saying in my anniversary blog i duz see some amazing blogs and feel a ways about it but hey ya can only be you, doan try to copy nobody and doan grudge nuhbody.

secondly ya doan gotta carry all ya business in hayso, i understand the need to hold thingsback cause ya doan know who lurking, doan let dat deter ya. i got certain rules like i really doan chat bout my workplace and i doan wanta embarass nuhbody i like besides myself and occasionally teh wife lol

thirdly, man you aint gotta wait till you leff down deyso ta start learning html, juss find sumplace online and start learnin lil pieces. it real simple ta actually pay or buy a book ta learn the lil bit ya need ta do this blog thing ya wud be wasting ya muney. plus i sure some of we caribbean bloggers wun say no if ya ask we faa lil help or ta explain certain lil things.

fourthly ya mean ta say you blog nearly a whole year straight and now you wanta dash out pun we. naa star we aint lettin you do dat atall so try an behave yaself

Abeni said...

All blogs are different and people just write what they feel comfortable with.I have been keeping journals for ever and I decided that very little personal/intimate things will be written online.

Living in the Cbean means my world is very small and certain things I do not wish for all and sundry to read.

I don't get hung up on the comments since there is a sitemter and I have an idea of how many people read.

The truth is the day it feels like a burden I 'll quit.Am trying to say just be you and don't get frustrated by comparing yours to other blogs around.PS,I happen to think you do a good job.

Scratchie said...

Camp?????? I won't beat on you. Can I tell you, the reason I use Blogger is because I can't code either so beat me. Secondly, I recognise that I'm no great writer either but I realise that somebody even one body finds my stuff interesting or cares what is happening to me enough to stop by and say hi. If I don't have anything to say then is so it go.
When I move around the blogs that I choose to read regularly believe me whatever is written there, (even if it is just howdy) is enough to say bwoy Camp ok she posted today. The content is secondary. In other words I look more at the person behind the blog than the literary skills. I can't say I know many of the bloggers...as a matter of fact (Mad Bull and Dr.D. went to school with me) but Angry Dog is the only person in blogsphere that I have actually met face to face but at the same time each holds a special place for me.
I really won't go on much longer but to say that I really enjoy your writing and the interaction we've had to date and I do hope that you won't give it up. Having said all of that the final decision must rest with what it is about for you. I don't read except what is here on the computer and I find snippets of peoples' live more interesting than the greatest of books. Be you and stop worrying about writing skills and the coding and the looks...all that is secondary.....

Mad Bull said...

Well, looks are nice, Camp, but a person who concerns themselves solely with looks, well, we have a name for them! We call them shallow!

I bet you never expect that from me ;-)

Next! I enjoy reading what you have to say and I would miss you terribly. Check it out. I hardly get any comments either and from time to time it gets me down but... what can I do... I kinda like it, and I like the comments I do get, so...

Do whatever you decide though... in the end, if you're not having fun, don't do it just to satisfy us.

Yamfoot said...

I read your blog because I wanna know what a Bajan person in caracas is getting up to.

and when you move elsewhere, i will read the blog because ah wanna knoew what life is like wherever you are and how you interacting with it.

you can do like Owen and update weekly.

Dr. D. said...

But stap! Camp....listen me....who cares what your site looks like? Mine has been the same look for over three years...no changes. Not even a coat a paint!

Who comes to read a blog because it 'pretty'? I waan read for fun, laughter, edification, or just as Scratchie seh...to hail you up.

My blog is no diary...I doh keep a diary..., not a 'journal' type o person at all. Every now and again some personal aspects of my day to day living may get mention. But, I don't tell all about me at my site. I don't blog for 'me'. If I have something on my mind and I post about it, I don't really put it up because writing about it makes it feel better for me....no...I don't operate like that. I do the blog thing for the interaction, sharing of viewpoints and comradeship. In that respect, I would like one day to meet all the folks that I read regularly....because I feel we have a common bond....like real bredrins do.

I got into this after coercion by Mad Bull based on the long comments (like dis yah one) that I had started leaving on his site. He never thought I would keep it up.....thought it would be a passing thing....hence the 'testblog' in my web addy. But me still deh 'bout after three years. A few nice comments beats 30 dat doan mean shyte! I happy wid who read me and I not inna no contest!

What little html I know was tought to me by MB.....and I have no formal training in computer know how....and you doh have to fret about not knowing html IMHO, as it is not a must to blog.

Jus write what you feel like, when you feel like...no pressure...we who come to read love you as we seh in Ja. 'like cook food' or we wouldn't keep coming back for more.

This site naw go noweh! Blog on.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-I agree with everyone comments. Don't compare your blogg to everyone's. Look at my blogg. There ain't NOTHING on my blogg simply because I don't know anything else other than to sign on and post a blogg.
I find your posts very interesting, as Yamfoot says, everyone's blogg gives us insight into a new culture, such as you've shared. when you move, I want to know where you've moved to. You don't have to write an epistle every time. Anyway, do what's best for you, but I hope you continue.

brooklyn babe said...

Sometimes its betta to K.I.S.S. some things in life....
K-eep I-t S-imple S-ista.... and I think your blog just does that, and if that works for you, then it works for me, and I appreciated reading your thoughts, no thought too bland... too boring, too out there... a blog main purpose is to share with others, or just have a space on the web to yourself! So thanks for sharing.

Campfyah said...

Man you guys doan let people give up easy atall....OK, I hear and appreciate all the kind words.

I ein much worried bout the looks of the blog, eventhough ah still would like tuh learn coding and thing. but moreso about the contents. I'll take it a day at a time, but I won't conceede, I'll keep fighting and try to offer interesting thoughts.

solitaire said...

"Another thing is, that I don't think that I write as freely as I can."

I had this problem for a while (that's why it's solitaire redux version 2.0). My brothers were reading my thoughts and reporting to my parents. Wuhloss. It's as if I'm not allowed to have an opinion.

And me working in a very high ranking news radio station wouldn't have helped matters...that's why I have two blogs.

But if you doan blog, it's one less Black woman sharing her views with the world. Aye carumba, as you would say!! (ha ha Bart Simpson! LOL)

Nuh mine bout di look a di blog. Leave that to my homeslice Fresh (plus hers is an entertainment site, so sista stepped up to the game...plus she knows how to design her own stuff).
In the end, it's all about words anyhoo.

And yours are powerful.


smallislandgirl said...

Campfyah I agree with everyone I see you as a friend that I have never met but you still care about and wonder how they are doing and you check their blog and if they need cheering up you cheer them up and wish them well and I like hearing about your life I really don't care if you are a writer or if you have a fancy blog its all about the person its all about you.