18 August 2005

The Widsom of Daily Life

1. Watch a sunrise at least once a year.

2. Plant flowers every spring.

3. Look people in the eye.

4. Compliment three people every day.

Live beneath your means.

Choose your life mates carefully.
From this one decision will come
ninety percent of all your happiness or misery.

Live so that when your children think of fairness,
caring and intergrity, they think of you.

Don't postpone joy.


Dr. D. said...

Nice thoughts Camp.

Come to think of it, I only remember complimenting one person today...a drug rep. about how nice she looked today.

Will see if I can find three tomorrow.

solitaire said...

Hey sis....sometimes I see other sistas on the train, on di bus, a walk down the street...

And I want to say, "Wow sista, that's a nice skirt!" Or, "cute shoes!"

But what a time dat yuh afraid a yuh own Black folk dem!

I sometimes wonder if it would make their day. It would make them smile.
But some a dem go about wid dem face long like sowah sop, mi 'fraid fe seh someting.

Chuh man!

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Love it!!! Don't posponse joy. Have a great weekend.

Jdid said...

yea i'm sort of afraid to compliment folks too

Abeni said...

Nice thoughts.I don't have a prob with complementing people tho

Scratchie said...

true words Camp....

sonyared said...

Awww man...I love this, I try to live below my means...uggh it's hard(LOL) I'm trying to live my joy now..great post, so cool! It made me feel good.

mrs.tj said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Great words of Wisdom!

brooklyn babe said...

Can someone please teach me how to do #5. Lol

Dr. D. said...

Sudani....cut up the credit cards...those things can equate to EVIL!!!

Campfyah said...

Well I'm a night person, so I have to struggle to accomplish #1. I'm working on #4. but like the others say, it can be intimidating at times. Hell, I gotta first figure out what my means are before I can live beneath them. I just trying tuh make them. For #7, life ein fear and the children gotta figure that out for themselves. and I do try to have lots of joy in my life.

Stunner said...

Nice one.

Mad Bull said...

Good advice on all of them. I compliment people all the time, not sure if I am making my daily quota though...

I don't/have never planted anything that survived (except MBJr. I guess...) I will have to look into that one.

Living beneath my means is so hard!

Number 7 can be a bit hard too, but I try.

I think I do reasonably well with the others...