31 August 2005

Demesaido !!!

I figured that my one post yesterday in relation to hurricane Katrina was sufficient. But watching the news last night has left me totally disgusted with the actions of people.

The looters!!! WTF!!! I mean, the situation with the floods, the lost of life, destruction of property and all the other uncertainities are enough to make you cry. Why with all these other social issues to be worried about that folks gonna take to looting stores? What's the purpose?

I'm not even going to get into the whole black/white racial issue of the looting problem. The issue as reported by the unbiased press is that the blacks are Looting while the whites have found food. We didn't expect better from the press did we? So why be pissed at them for reporting just how we know they would report.

My thing is regardless of how the press reports the story, it's still the fact that there were many black people including children looting the place. ¿Por qué?, ¿por qué?, ¿por qué?.--- Why,why, why??? Now here you have a situation where an entire area is suffering from the effects of a natural diaster. People are missing and dying, homes and businesses are flooding and destroyed, people needs rescuing and medical attention, people need food, clean clothes and most of all clean drinking water and you the people that have have suvived the worse, the only thing you can do is look to loot the products of stores and businesses? Where is your moral sense of duty? Where is your humanity, most of all where is your conscience????

Could you not think to take the time to help rescue some people, to share what little you have with those who don't have anything but the clothes on their backs, Could they not see how you can help restore order and a sense of comfort to your communities? Instead, at the first sight of sunlight and dryness, they took it upon themselves to go loot stores. What a damned shame to the people of the black race. Yes, we know that whites and other ethnic groups might have been looting also, but my concern isn't them. They will have their own issues as a race to deal with. My concern is the black folks. A people who are often rightfully or wrongfully so, protrayed in a negative light in the national and international communities. The pictures circuated i nthe international press and on the internet don't show whites looting. It show blacks. and how the international community see it, will be ingrained in their minds.

Now tell me something. what are they going to do with that TV/DVD/Stereo that they stole? Hell you ein got no electricity to plug it into and watch it. The DVD's and CD's all probably got damaged and floated away. What are you going to put in that refridgerator. meat, food, cheese.. not, it's been washed away... beer...OK...so you steal and then get drunk, does that solve the situation? NO!! The clothes!! what are you going to do with them. You probably din't get your size. Oh, you want to sell them?? OK but to who? Who has the money to buy the clothes? Look how many people are going to be unemployed because of the storm. Who is thinking of buying clothes, sneakers, jewlery when they are worried about their basic survival? The economy of LA, MS, and FL is going for a serious downturn because of Mother Nature. No one to blame, for the layoff and the high unemployment in the weeks to come. Mother Nature did this. Blame her. So who is going to buy all this stuff that you looted. Think peoples, think.

So some may have stolen food from the local supermarkets? That may have been justifiable, but my question is this. If your home wasn't flooded or seriusly damaged, then you should have been prepared for the storm and had stocked up on food. So why then the need to loot the stores. Wait until they open again and go buy what you need. If your home was flooded, then where are you going tot put the stolen stuff. remember, you have no electricity to keep food fresh and won't have any for maybe weeks to come. once again you should have other more important priorities on your hands than to be stealing and looting food.

Once again, my black peoples have let me down in a terrible way.


Jdid said...

I have to disagree with you on this one camp.

When you have disadvantaged people living in areas where they are scrunting to get by I cant blame them for going out and getting their hands on whatever they can at the moment.

Plus you dun know those areas with poor black people going to be the last to get any service and help from whoever providing it so yea if I survived I would be looting the damn supermarket too cause ya aint know when next a truck gine get ta ya ta provide a plate a rice or a clean water.

regarding looting the other stuff its silly but i think ya cant really say it simply just people acting igrant. why them people acting so? cause they trying to get stuff they dont have or even up the score or get something to sell later on. they should behave themselves but in the absence of power and authority these things will always happen as man's more animalistic instincts come out. look at iraq after the war get win? them fellas teif everything that din tie down. is not a black thing is juss a struggling poor man that neva had nuttin an see some sorta opportunity ting.

looting is the closest thing to revolution these people can think of. its a political statement aint it?

Abeni said...

Its just the worse side of human nature.I remember one time there was a storm here and in the middle of the thing some fellas breaking into a supermarket risking their lives to raid it.

courtneyelizabeth said...


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Dr. D. said...

Camp...I jus done post a likkle entry about the looters as well. Sickening.

And I cannot agree with JDid at all on this. For me...a tief is a tief. I am sorry..I naw pardon stealing under no circumstances! It is simply capitalizing on the misfortune of others in this situation. Is better dem beg food. Under the circumstances, I am sure that people would be willing to give it to them than have dem steal. The ways of humanity never fail to amaze me, but then again...I might be told that I wouldn't understand as I supposedlely grew up in and live in 'priviliged' society! Sigh.

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smallislandgirl said...

girl like them spammers find you too!

Dr. D. said...

Camp...was thinking and talking about this looting last night. I can understand the stealing of food and water as a desperate measure to try to preserve life...anything else...nope! No excuse IMHO.

Seems like the spammers here behaving like looters...only thing is I not aware that you had any natural disaster on the site.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-If they take food and water, I don't consider that stealing. Interesting comment about reporting that the white people "finding food" and black people "stealing food". Color prejudice is alive and well.

dorna! said...

Damn girl, it looks like all my pet spammers found you.

Jdid said...

this is why ya need to link up to the word verification business my yout

mong said...

looting is wrong but those people have lost everything and the slow government response to the situation may have prompted them to resort to crime

solitaire said...

Ya girl, you need word verication, STAT. Don't let 'em take over your blog!

But eh eh, we muss be long loss sista deh... I posted my entry on a similar ting and den came over here suh... wuhloss.

I upset over what Black people doing. Den yuh 'ear bout di raping and beating going on in one convention centre in New Orleans? And di dead bodies lying about?

Jesus help we!

Scratchie said...

I find the whole thing just totally frustrating. I watch the news and I see the grief and....... I refuse to tolerate the lawlessness though. Life preservation is one thing but the random theft....no way..

Mad Bull said...

Well, I see you and I think alike, but you expressed it better still. Big up for that.. Hey, Jdid, tell me about this word verification thing nuh man? How is it done? Can it work with Movable Type?

Chubby Chocolate said...

I have to get on my soapbox....You're thoughts have obviouslky stemmed from what you're viewing in the media.

Most of the time, when absorbing media, you must read in between the lines, get underneath the surface.

True there was looting by both Blacks and Poor Whites. The majority of the looting was for food, water and medicine.

The footage of Blacks stealing appliances was ONE clip that they continuously ran. So few Blacks AND Poor Whites stole appliances...They don't represent the majority.

The events that followed after this traumatic catastrophe are typical. There were rapes, looting and even murders that occurred after the Tsunami. But the media won't expose that because it's a "third world paradise" where the people are humble and innocent.

Switch gears to New Orleans which is the poorest city in the U.S., where the majority is unemployed Blacks and poor whites....What image do you think the media wants to portray?

You fell for the bait.

NameLiar said...

I agree with Chubby Chocolate and Jdid. The majority of the "looters" were/are searching for food, water, medicine, etc. And some of the people who were stealing appliances, Tv's, radios, and such were using them to barter with. Its not all "We Are The World" down there like everyone thinks. People are hungry and desperate, they are not sure of what there next move is or where their next meal is coming from. You'd be surprised what you would do if you were in their shoes. Survival mode is different from everyday living. We shouldn't judge.