02 September 2005

No Parabales

I'm at a lost for words over watching the events unfold in the world over the last few days. Mother Natures fury with hurricane Katrina...no more words left to say, just watch, take it all in, and pray and when the opprotunity comes, donate, eventhough that will be somewhat difficult from here in Arepaland. So until then I'll continue praying. No more words can describe what's unfolding in what is considered the Greatest, wealtheist country in the world.

The new wave of terrorism.

Spread a rumor in a crowd of worshipers on a crowded bridge. Use no WMD, no Suicide bomber, no guns, no shots. just Words and stand aside and watch. Mission accomplished. More effective than any before and less blood shed, but more damaged done. Almost 1,000 killed in one day. Could anything more powerful that the WTC hijackers or Killer Katrina do such damage. It's always said, that word is mightier than the sword. Actually, it the pen, but today it'll be the Word. My bretherin Jdid did a blog about words, this week (what you actually expected me to link it, have you not been reading about me and my linking issues) If only he would know that the sharing or spreading of malicious words would cause so much devastation in Iraq. initially such has been overshadowed by the destruction of Killer Katrina.

In other news, yesterday was the 1yr anniversary of the Beslan massacare. where 330 people died, 180 of them children on their first day of school. Can words describe the feelings these people are having NO!!! No parables!!! Can words bring them back? No. I'm sure words had some part to play in the events that wook place that day. Either words, mispoken or taken out of contex or angry words spoken amongs the fractioning groups. But no words can ease the pain and suffering of the families who los their children on that fatefull day.

Just sit bak and think, reflect on what's happening in the world today. It's going to get much worse before it gets any better, if indeed it do get better. Don't use word, just think and reflect.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Dr. D. said...

I shsre your houghts here Camp. Hence my 'Thoughts' post yesterday.

Inside Man said...

Who could live with themselves being the think tank behind such violence? I can't understand the principle behind terror and the murder of children. Who does it benefit??

Abeni said...

yes,too much sadness in the world

Anonymous said...

let's help the people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Think, reflect, meditate or pray. As long as our thoughts are positive and we collectively pray for hope and peace, I believe we can make a difference.

Shotta M said...

So true what you say about the power and the lack of power of words. In some cases it seems words have the power to take away such much and do great damage to human life. Yet in the same breath, there are other cases where words cannot give back lives lost and atone for the great pain inflicted on some.

Stunner said...

It's a real sad case in the south US. The earth has been curning up quite a lot of disasters of late. It seems we now have to start expecting disasters and plan how to deal with it during and after.

I think we saw what happens when the pen takes too long to act in the case of the US south.

Jdid said...

yo where me link :-)

good points here. and today another jet fall out the sky. boy ya chances wwhile flying doan seem that good these days

oh big up on the word verification

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there is a "mother nature" and I do believe that father God is allowing Katrina and other such occurances to happen. Why....I believe to get His peoples attention.