18 October 2005

soy yo

It's me, I'm back alive and kicking all the way. I've sure missed you guys eventhough I know many of you didn't even realize that I was missing, hey but such is life in blogland.

So what's happening with the Camp? Well let's see. For starters the bad news. Camp and hubby got their parole papers denied. Yup, that's right. we got our time extended until about June next year. You know that Camp is not a happy camper. is pure vex I was vex when ah heard such madness. I say but hubby, you assured me that come Jan 06, we not gonna be here, you promised me that we gonna spend de the holidays wid de pickeney inna north and not just fuh visiting, but because woulda had we parole papers..is wha happen? Hubby tell me, yes Campie darling, honey bunch--yuh see how men does wanna sweeten things up when things naah look good, but he sey he thought so too but big boss back on de Rock (that's be Barbados)tell he that things looking rough and people nah wanna come to Arepaland. Big boss tell he that she went through all down tuh Plan D and still can't find nuh solution tuh replace hubby. So until dem find soulution, he gotta stay put fuh de time being...chuuupse is one big lotta long chuupse that Camp let out when she hear such news. So yes, we still here.

Wha else. OK yuh see that Camp back online. But it nahh come easy. Camp had to go and show some true colors in de CANTV (Phone company) office today. So I know allya saying, but Camp like she a real black cat and always getting on. But dat nah true. Camp is a decent young lady wid class. But let me tell wunna de situation and ley we see how allya woulda get on.

OK, remember me last post. Which was more dan a week ago, I mentioned that I neither had internet connection or the capability to make Long Distance calls. Now dis is mighty important to Camp and hubby because we got pickeney inna foreign and hubby and I gots work to do and Internet connection and LD calls are important functions we must have. So after waiting more than the alloted time to have our service connected and several visits to the CANTV office, I finally blew my cover today. On Thurs, hubby gets a call from a technician that he'll be coming on Friday morning at 8:00 to check the Internet connection. Well my fella might have meant next Friday, cause we nah see him yet. Sat morning we went to sed CANTV office to ask what happen. No one can give us an answer to what happen to the fella or who he was. No one can tell why we can't make LD calls on the phone... no one can give us any kind of information. All they telling us is to call dis numba and that numba and check wid another sombodie dat can't give we any kind of answer.

Finally, they tell us that a technician will be at the house again this morning to fix the internet. So once again, I interrupted my day and waited. At about 9:00AM, a fella called and asked for directions to the house. OK, I feeling good that something happening. I tell the fella where to come. Now allya hear me. I live widin 5 mins walk from the CANTV office. Got that? 5 mins! 10 if yuh walking slow. I ein see de fella yet. He give me some crap story bout he cellphone and give me a number to call him back. I ein get through to the number yet. So after waiting about 2hrs. I decide that it's time to pay CANTV a visit. Hoping that I gine see de fella rambling (lost) while I walk to the office. No such luck.

So I went to the office, after waiting more than half hour and a change of shift my number was called. I explained the situation along with our bilingual secretary. I had her as extra leverage cause I wanted to make sure that I was getting all the important facts to the lady. So she busy typing away in the computer, we explaining our situation, she busy typing, and searching and all de time not saying anything. We waiting patiently, she get up, gone somewhere, come back and busy typing again still not saying anything. So we say, but excuse me seƱorita can yuh tell we wha happening? She still ein answering, then a little while later she say, she busy working hold on...OK so we hold on, she gone on de phone and finally look at we and tell we that the phone line never had LD service and she push dis form in we hand, say fill it out and get this information and that ID and that signature and come back to she.

First mistake!! Lordeee, is who tell she tuh tell we so and push de form at we. We went balistic on she. First thing, Is three weeks now we been gine to this same office asking what de problem was and not a fella ein tell we that de problem is that we needed to connect de service. Second, is wha tek she so long tuh look in de computer to tell we dat we don't have de service in de first place. She asking all kinda foolish questions bout what kinda equipment we have ect. and if we have blocks on de fone. So we tell she that dem got a bunch ah incompetent people who working dey. we tell she dat we not giving she all de foolish information she asking and we wanna see de manager. She telling we dat we can't see de manager cause he busy. meanwhile we seeing he behind de glass in de office sitting down. I Camp furious, voice start tuh rise loud, Bajan accent start tuh come on strong and de whole ah CANTV office hearing me tell dis woman a piece ah my mind in English, Spanish and Spanglish. Bilingual translator voice start tuh rise too and de two ah we onlee mekking a ruckus in de office. I Camp pulled my trump card on she and tell she that she gonna give we some satisfactory service today, cause we not leaving until it happen and I ready to walk thru de manager door and chat wid him. Call de Chacao police if yuh want, but I mekking fuss today.

De woman vex, cause is Monday, we she first customer fuh de day and dis is wha she gotta deal wid. I woman nuh care, I vex. Well she did some modifications tuh de form went and talk tuh sed so-called busy manager and we fill it out and give she right dey and then, she tell we dat we still can't get service until at least Wednesday. Filling out de form for basic LD service is like yuh filling out for a damed bank loan. I tell she dat come Wednesday and nuttin ah happen, she gonna see de two ah we again. So then we ask she wha happen to de fella dat was coming to the house this morning for the internet. then she wanna play dumb and stupid on we again. Second mistake. We tell she to get a technician real fast tuh de house today. She find one and say him gonna be dey at 3:00 PM. next mistake she made was give we de technician number. At 3:15 he had a call asking whey he was. At 3:30 he had another call. At 3:45 another call, telling he about heself. Finally he showed up at about 3:50 and by 4:15 the internet was up and running. Things nuh easy bout hey yuh know.

Same thing wid de internet service. De initial woman tell we dat we gonna get it in 3 days, but she neva tell we dat a technician had to come and reconfigure and install it on de computer and basically sign we up again, but all de while we get a email from CANTV demselves bout 2wks ago telling we dat the service was successfully installed, welcome to de ABA service, them hope we enjoy it. Them welcoming we tuh ah service that they didn't send a technician to install. You see de madness we have to deal wid around here. So tell me how wunna would have reacted today?

There is more saga to come, cause I gotta go and deal with de Direct TV people tomorrow, cause them was suppose to come more than a week ago to install we service and dem ein show yet either. De sad thing, is that the local channels are pretty much linked to cable and so we can't get much of them and de few we get got more snow dan mount Everst. Is pure stress, and boderation living hey, and dem we peoples got de nerves to deny we we parole papers. Pressure!!!!


Angry Dog said...

Now I assume all this fighting and cussing gwaning awning in Spanish? Glad you back online still my girl...really sad to hear that you not leaving until next year still!

Stunner said...

Welcome back camfyah, di real fyah girl! blazin up CANTV people, more fyah!!!

Is CANTV the onlt phone company? cause dat sound lik typical monopoly behavior.

Campfyah said...

monopoly worse dan Cable & Wireless. Dey got or two smaller start up, but basically CANTV is it.

Sunshine said...

Mercy sakes-"Blow yu cover" now. Ah buoy Camp, for your sake I hope you get out of Dodge soon soon. But I hope you get service quickly especially when you have children abroad. Not a nice feeling. Good luck and hang in there.

Scratchie said...

Who says you weren't missed?....liar...... :D Glad to have you back on line. Sounds like my saga with the DSL connection. Applied beginning of Augst and it install beginning of September and still not working properly.

Japronika said...

Hey girl. I'm also an New York/Island lady. I gotta rep everywhere I'm from. lol :)

courtneyelizabeth said...

I REALIZED! lol...welcome back!

Abeni said...

Welcome back

Mad Bull said...

Welcome back, Camp! I missed you. Sorrt to hear about all the crap you're having to go through. Maybe its time for the Hubby to start looking at other jobs, what do you think?

Yamfoot said...

that sounds annoying. Why the utilities cant act swiftly I dont know.

Brotha Buck said...

Aw, I didn't know you were gone, but thats only because I've been out of the blog reading arena for awhile, only writing, and trying to catch up on life. Glad your back. Sorry you gotta stay. Hope things look up.Thanks for your words on RAnts and Raves.

Dr. D. said...

Lawks Camp...I did notice that you weren't around...checked here almost daily.

What so special 'bout LD? Dem a gwaan like how de US Embassy can hangle some Caribbean people when dem applying fe a visitors visa! If you have line....you nuh suppose to can mek call to foreign?!

CANTV sound like a real dolor de cabeza!