12 January 2006

Estoy aquí

Well, I'm still here struggling along in Arepaland with no connection in la casa, pero todo esta bein. Nuh use fretting and complaining, cause ah see no matter what we do, dem nuh come and resolve de issue. So I just passing thru to say hello, and wha gine on. I see much people taking blog breaks and regrouping demselves and thing so. It's all good, we all need tuh do wha we need tuh do to survive.

Not much happening in Arepaland, well one or two things ah happen. Main thing is that the one and only route to the airport from Caracas is closed. Imagine that? ah big city like Caracas, and it only got one route to the airport, which is a 40 min drive from the city to the coast where the airport is located. Well let me clarify that. It actually has two or three way, but one one direct and relatively safe route. That is the La Guira viaduct which is a road build over a bridge and thru two mountain ranges.

Well it's been said that the bridge/road had been build to last 50 years. For about 15 or so years now, it's been known that the bridge needs fixing/repairing/maintaining, but none of the powers that be, saw it fit to pay attention to this matter until in recent times when the bridge started sinking. Literally sinking. So now it became a matter of emergency. They tried to fix the bridge while still allowing traffic to flow, but that also became too dangerous and the mountain that supports the bridge also started to shift, so the decision was made to close the road indefinitely while they fix the bridge and build an alternate temporary road.

So now to get from Caracas to the airport, people have to literally go over the mountain or take an older road which is much more dangerous, that's why people stopped using it in the first place. A 40 min ride to the airport is now taking up to two hrs and the taxis offering to take you there are charging as much as $150 per way. If you have a 4X4 you can take the mountain route, or just risk taking the old route. Wunna think life hey easy..well, well, well, wha we gonna do?

Evathing sky hght expensive, there are shortages of some essential food items as the truckers have to risk their lives on the old way at night. The old route is known to be plagued with robberies, killings, kidnappings all sorts of things and many of these crimes are committed by the same security forces put there to protect the society. Life in Caracas is never a dull moment.

What else happening in Arepaland? The political scene is pretty much quiet. Elections coming later this year, entonces vamos a ver (we shall see).

In world news, the pilgrims at the Hajj, gone and done it again 345 and rising dead in stampeed at the stoning of the wall ritual. I heard on the news that the Muslims believe that the people who died there will be considered martas as muslims desire to die in Mecca. What can I say. Every year there is tragedy at the Hajj.

Anyhow, just wanted to shout the bloggers and say stay strong and keep writing. I love to read your blogs. Until next internet visit. hasta luego.


Abeni said...

All those dead people on the pilgrimage has me lost for words.I still don't understand exactly what happened.

Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Drive safe on that ole road. The world's gone mad with all the senselss killings.

Scratchie said...

stay good Camp.

Stunner said...

Hey good to hear from you. Typical government behavior, wait until things are too bad to do something about it. Muslims a have some pretty strange behavior. Anyway, stay safe.

Ri said...

Well, the martyrs are supposed to have 40 virgins waiting for them in paradise..

Jdid said...

thats crazy about the airport road