26 February 2006

Semana en pasa

Lots going on, and the focus has been else where. So a quick review of the week

  • A sister went and changed the hairstyle. So Camp is now sporting cornrows....photos to come at a later date.
  • Got hooked on watching American Idol and Desperate Housewives. Can you imagine such mess. Hey It's all Good. Something to kill the stress of the week.
  • Been focusing on the great escape. BTW it's T-75 days and counting.
  • Carnaval weekend here in Arepaland. So it's a 4 day weekend. The beaches are mad crowded, so Camp and the hubby are staying put in la cuidad. There are some carnival activities, so we'll be out and about looking at them.
  • All else is going pretty good, not much to complain about. The focus has been our great escape, but remember I told you to keep it on the downlow. So I'll be in touch more after next week. Maybe with the escape update.
  • Sorry for the blog MIA, but don't give up on me, althought the post has been quite infrequent, Ive been reading yours.

Until next time--hasta leugo babe!!!!


smallislandgirl said...

girl enjoy yourself this weekend.

Abeni said...

Bring pics of the carnival too.Enjoy the long wkend

Dr. D. said...

OK, we hear you loud and clear and your 'down low' bizniz is down low.

courtneyelizabeth said...

yay for cornrows...bring on the photos!

Mad Bull said...

Good luck on the plans you're hatching...