05 March 2006

Dios Mio

"Do not fret because of evil men,
or be envious of those who do wrong;
for like the grass they will soon wither,
like green plants they will soon die away."
- Psalms 37:1-2

This post is written specifically for Ms. Tee aka Bizzy Lickmun who within 24hrs of me posting my photo here on my blog, lifted my photo and is impersonating me on another malicious website on the Net.

God don't like ugly, malicious, vindictive, wicked, low-life, lying, deceieving people.
What goes around comes around and I will leave you in the hands of God to deal with.
Have a Blessed Day!!!


Abeni said...

Wow! she used your pic in a negative way?That sucks and if possible drop a line to the site.

Jdid said...

yep like i tell ya sumbody out there doesnt like you. its pretty low when someone steals your picture to try to post fictiously.

Stunner said...

That's just sick! You should take some form of corrective action as Abeni suggested. People like that will get theirs one day.

Dr. D. said...

Sucker...actually, I'd prefer to type 'F' in place of the S in Sucker.

But I agree with you Camp......when Jah start lick dem wid diseases dem will find out.

The name is probably fictitious also. Sigh.

There are people who take the internet and corrupt it.

Ri said...

Have a blessed week, Camp. And thanks for linking me on your site.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee we are really shaking when you threaten us with God like that. You must really thing God is mocked.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to change your views of the rumshoplime.org, but there is no "we" as is suggested by the "anonymous" person above.
What Bizzy did with your pic was not supported by the vast majority of persons on that site. You can view the thread for yourself if you care too.