24 April 2006


Well it's about time I pay some attention to this blog. But like the typical excuse, the daily hassles of life is getting to me, not to mention the work on the great escape. So, I've been quite negilent in keeping in touch.

Oh well, the Easter holiday came and went, nothing too significant to report on. The hubby and I didn't do much exciting stuff, travelling during the holidays don't excite us but we had a peacefull and reflecting time.

So much has happened since my last posting. I can't even kep up with the news nowadays. The US threatening war with Iran, I ein know wha dem looking for WMD's or just mass destruction of anything or anybodie who doan believe like they do. But I don't do politics, so I ein even going there.

There is the whole Duke Lacrosse team rape case. Was she or was she not raped. The verdic is yet to be determined. The whole issue is bringing the black and white racial issue to the forefront. I think that gonna be a sepearte blog by itself when the time comes.

Now the amount of violence committed by children is on the forefront here again. What could have gone wrong that this child could commit such an act. Three lives and a whole family forever destroyed.

So much news to write about so little time.

Wha happening in society today with the yutes? yuh can't go tuh school in peace without being in the danger zone . I wondering if we in Barbados or on the South side Chicago or South central LA.

Then to put a interesting spin on things making de news snakes in de grass, dirty n' slimy . boye Carew shoulda be alive to see he song come to life. (OK that's one fuh de Bajans). I neva would have though I'd see de day when Barbados got snakes loose bout de place. Whey de mangoose when we need dem????


Mad Bull said...

That 12 yr old must be mad! What could be infecting the minds of these children? Do you think its some of the more gruesome cartoons?

Abeni said...

I can so relate to the violence in the schools.Unfortunately,it seems to be getting worse.Girl,snakes freak me out and just the thought sending shivers thru me.

Scratchie said...

hey Camp...just a pass through and a Hi...hope the escape plans working out....

Dr. D. said...

Yes Camp...so much weird stuff in the news.

Snakes in Bim? Lawd a massy!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i'm waiting on all the facts to come out...on the duke lacross case...everyday it's something new...freakin' gas is out of hand...paid $35 to fill up the accord...it's not full...just past 3 quarters...ain't that a bitch..