28 April 2006

National Heroes' Day

In honor of Barbados National Heroes' Day I had intentions of writing a nice and informative blog, but I just got caught up with too many other things going on, but I still wanted to make the effort and honour our National Heroes. They may be a few, but to our small island, they are just as significant than any other.

In doing some research I also came across this quizz and tought it would be nice to see how many of the Bajan bloggers can answer the questions and in the hopes of enlightening some the other readers of our little piece of rock in the Caribbean Sea.

Of course many people know our most famous hero Sir Gary Sobers and them our infamous

But there are many more, OK not so many, but more but enought to take time out and honor. Yes, there is also a woman in the midst. She looking too pretty but also fierce at the same time.

So my fellow Bajan bloggers, Happy National Heroes Day


Abeni said...

Happy Heroes day,Camp.

BajanQueen said...

I am going to do the test and see how much I don't know and will learn about my beautiful little island in the sun!!

I left Barbados when I was 8 yrs old. Oh boy!

I hope you have a good weekend dear.


Scratchie said...

I don't know much about Barbados...being all the way over here on the other side of the Caribbean but I enjoyed reading the information in your links. Quite interesting stuff.

Dr. D. said...

Happy Heroes Day Bim!