02 May 2006

8 mujers y 1 espejo

for 4 days in Isle de Margarita will be the venue for the 3rd annual Lime Ladies retreat. Yup, our group of dysfunctional wimmen from 5 different countries will camp out for our retreat starting tomorrow and climaxing on Monday. Two of these wimmen have flown in from the U.S.

Our retreat started 3 yrs ago when one of the ladies in our group said that she had never visited Trinidad or the Caribbean and always wanted to go. So we said, why not plan a weekend trip. Just the women, no husbands, no kids...and so a trend was started. We went to Trinidad for 3 days and tore the place up. We named ourselves the Lime Ladies after the Trini term for hanging out Liming.

Last year, we went to Colonial Tovar, a pictursque German village in the mountains of Venezuela.

As many of the members of our group are expats, and a few of us are leaving this year our choices for a retreat next year are exocit and exciting. We have the option of South Africa, Sao Paulo, Barbados, or Cincinnati, OH. We keep the group to a minimun of 8 and entry into our circle is quite selective. You have to be dysfunctional like us to join.

So off we go tomorrow, we've opted for the 4hr drive to coastal town of Puerto La Cruz and then take the 1hr Ferry ride accross to Margarita, we are taking our cars, hence the ferry trip. So my fellow bloggers, my bags will be packed shortly, the music and swim suit and sunblock are ready and I'll be off. I'llm ake sure to take some pics to share


Abeni said...

sounds like a whole load of fun.Have yourself a ball

BajanQueen said...

Wow...if only I was involved in something like that.

I hope you have a blast go get your sun, and fun on gurl!

Oh please do take pics so I can live vicariously through you hon! *smile*



Mad Bull said...

Have fun. You should have taken me along... Imagine, Mad Bull + 8 ladies?! Minus their husbands? Sounds pretty good to me. I doubt I would be able to manage, but it would be so much fun trying... :))

Stunner said...

Enjoy yourself on your all ladies retreat!

Dr. D. said...

Sounds good. Enjoy.

Next time if you decide on carrying MB along, he will pack me in his weekend bag....just in case a fellow bredrin/blogger needs help con las mujeres! ;-)

Scratchie said...

Fun in the sun...good to go Camp.... :)

Campfyah said...

Thanks peoples, I just got back. Tired as ever. It was a blast!!!
Pictures will be downloaded tomorrow, so hopefully you'll see some. I'm tired now, so off to bed I go.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

wish i could go with ya