25 October 2006


Where in the world is Camp??? Sumwhere trying to stay warm...OK it eint that bad, but there is definitely a change in the weather. Not the weather I just left in Arepaland sleeping with windows and doors open, no sirie, Camp was quite snuggled under Mr. Camp this morning and looking tuh hoard all the covers too. I dragged muhself outta bed and got to the days work, but not widout ah few chupse and face push up kinda thing. But then it dawned on me, Camp yuh nuh have winter clothes, no long sleeve sweaters, no jacket, no non-cotton/linen pants. Dem cotton /linen thing not gonna make it through the winter. I need to go shopping....yuippie.. Any excuse tuh ask Mr. Camp fi de American express platinuim...OK de Wal-Mart credit card and go do some damage. This is definitely gonna be an experience tuh chat about in months to come. Hey not that it's new to me, but after living in Aprepaland for 5+ yrs, you get used to the forever 80 degree weather, wid a slight drop to 70's at night during Dec for about a week or two.

Now let's see what else is happening. Not much you know..the news is getting crazier and crazier as the day goes by. When you thought you heard one I can't believe that story, another one more amazing comes along. I just can't keep track... scan the US papers and feast yourself on the thrife that happens in this country I think that Jdid's one take the cake though.

What about the whole Madonna adoption scandal Well she will be telling all on Oprah today. What can you say? I will say though that I have no pity for Madonna. Now don't get me wrong, I like Madonna and all, woman got guts like noone else, but tell me why the Material Girl gotta go all de way to Malawaii to adopt a child. She already has one of her own, OK, there are plenty children both black, white, hispanic, african and everything else here in North America that needs adopting and yet she goes all the way to the Mother land to take one. Go figure. I guess it's the whold celebrity thing. Bradjolina did it and so must Madonna and a whole host of others. I got issues with this.

Anyhow, that's my little rant and rave for the day.


Abeni said...

Dont like the Madonna type adoptions too much either. It just seems like a fashion staement

Scratchie said...

I really don't get it myself. Seems kinda far fetched way of going about adoption. Almost like you go to the store and buy a handbag.

Ri said...

Have a great weekend.

Yamfoot said...

I saw the Madonna thing on Oprah. Seems like she just saw the lil boy David, and fell in love with him.

That happened to a doctor friend of ours....while doing her ward rounds, she saw a lil baby boy who had been left at the bustop and just fell in love with him.

Dont think is anything malicious I dont think.

wrap up tight!

Stunner said...

Nuh worry after all that shopping you will be more than ready for the cold temperature.

As for Madonna, just another celebrity trying to keep herself in the public's eye.

Jdid said...

cold! ya aint see cold yet. wait till january come! ya gine be beggin chavez fa refugee status :-)

De Immigrant said...

Yes Madonna buy a pickney for $3million, imagine dat! Lickle youte lucky though!

Mad Bull said...

Wait! Camp still deh bout? Wicked! You know, I haven't read enough to form an opinion on the Madonna adoption issue. Whats bad about it, actually?