03 November 2006

Mentida, mentida

OK, so I lied, I said that now the computer was up and working and the boxes all packed away that I'll be posting more frequently...what a sorry liar I am...but hey, I din mean to lead yuh all on so. I mean a sister just trying to get her feet wet in her new surroundings and things just getting outta control. Nuh time tuh sit and smell de coffee. So what has Camp been up to lately, well a whole lot a nothings and a little bit of everything.

The other day, while in the supermarket, I got to thinking that I have written about my readjustment to life in the mainland. I guess that I've been so caught up in living the life that I just didn't think of writing about it. so let me share some with you folks.

For one, The Malls, Boh oh boy, am I ever so glad to see a normal regular mall again... A mall accnored by major stores such as Macy's, Sacks, Penneys ect. A mall that have real stores to shop in aside from the mini botiques that got 3 shirts and 4 pants on a rack sell yuh de pants fuh $600. So yes, I'm back in shopping heaven with sales and bargains and chocies, choices, choices.....stop the madness.

24 Hr shopping and Superstores. Super Walmart, Super Target, and the various 24 hr shopping. Can you imagine, when ah gt vex at Mr Camp, I cud just tek de car and go up in Target at 1 o' clock in de morning and shop tuh muh hearts desire... and if ah still vex ah cud run ova tuh Wal-Mart and den stop by Walgreens or CVS and then come home..chuupse, wha yuh sey...the mianland is rocking fuh a sister now.

Choices, choice and more choices. Man I was in the basic supermarket the other day and din wanna come out...but wha suh fancy bout being in a supermarket..well let me tell all wunna, so been having it at yuh finger tips fuh suh long now. the choices and varities in food. I had so many choices tuh choose from ah din know whey tuh go or do. cha... fresh food, cooked food, pre packaged all kinds ah things, and tuh mek matters worse they got a Fresh market ova by me, pure organic and exotic foods, right up muh alley....Man it's just great.

What else...ley muh see..OK Just the total order of things in general. it's a country that functions (key word here is function) and just to know that I can walk into the post office and mail a letter widout any hassle and beleive me. I been in the post office a couple times already ah mean anybodie went into de US post office lately... man dem got all kind ah mailing paraphenila in dey, fancy card boxes, different pictures, styles, ah box or package fuh eva occasion possible, then when yuh ask fuh a book a stanps, yuh got choices tuh choose from..yuh think dem easy in dey. I can easily write a check and pay my bills, no need to stand in nuh long line fuh days on end. I can walk into the bank and be out in 5mins or less.. damned amazing. I have gotten so much business done over the phone by simply calling the 800 number... no such feature in Caracas. Geezes, yuh ask again how it feels, it feels damned good. The little things we take forgranted.

So yes, Camp getting quite reaquainted wid life on the mainland. The weekends are jumping. I happen to live close to a popular entertainment area, so me and Mr. Camp can just walk to the movies, or dinner and chill for the weekend I mean in Caracas we did too, but here it's different, we got choices. We can walk in our neighborhood, or we can find something else in a neighobring community..not a lack of choice atall. Yes, sisteren and bretheren..Camp is enjoying life in big/little city America.


Stunner said...

That's what I love about America, the shopping. I can't wait to visit again. But this time I'll make sure I have money!

Mad Bull said...

Good for you, Camp! :)
Stunner, you like to shop!? Thats abnormal for a man, isn't it? What other little freaky things do you have hidden away, man? ;-)

Yamfoot said...

see, now here in Grenada, no such problems with what to choose. Limited brands, dont have to worry your brain with trying to decide what to buy.

Jdid said...

but umm is why you planning on gettin vex wid mr camp at one o clock after midnight? dem sorta times is fa stannin in ya bed ya!

Abeni said...

You go girl.

Scratchie said...

Well going to US to shop don't make too much sense anymore. You can get so much of the stuff here now (prices however is an issue...a big issue!!) Besides the airlines cut your weight allotment...fassies. Yuh settling don't to good life Camp.

Dr. D. said...

Yes Camp, America will mek you shop till you drop.

Good to learn you settling in ok.

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Ri said...

SOunds nice, those malls. I need a weekend Miami trip.

Shotta M said...

Sounds like you have readjusted to mainland life.

The Humanity Critic said...

Hey, I love shopping too..lol