12 November 2006

No Pain

No gain and much pain I'm in right now. After months of preparing to move and moving and settleing and all kind of excuses, I had not seen the likes of a gym or even my morning walk. Well yuh know de results of that would be significiant weight gain, and gained I did. Well I though I was cool. you know how it is living in denial....Oh the weight will come off ...oh, it's only a lil extra 5 lbs ..oh I iz ova 40 now, I'm entitled tuh a few cusions hey and dey...and the excuses went on, until one morning/evening I realize dat a certain clothes or outfit ein fitting nuh more and Camp has increased a dress/pants size..But I still in denial.

Well all of that came to a screeching halt the other day. I walked into the gym and signed up. I signed up for this Jump Start program...and got weighed, measured and body fat analysis....wow..talk about shocker. It's a lot more dan de lil extra 5lbs I though I gained and the body fat % is way out of control....girl, you over weight and out of shape. Yo gots a long way to go to get back in some sorta shape. I got a diet and workout program. complete dis as follows and in about 6 weeks you should loose 15lbs. Sounds like a plan. It took me longer than 6 weeks to put it on, so taking it off in 6 weeks sound feasable.

So I had my first workout session with a trainer. 40 mins of cardio maintaining my heart rate of 130-140. Sounds easy enough, but believe me, it nuh easy atall, especially when yuh outta shape. then off to the resistance training 50 mins. 2 cycles of a series of exercise targeting all body areas..dem too nuh easy. We worked the legs, butt, arms, chest, stomach and evathing in between...whaloosss...I gots a long way to go...dem gonna be de longest 6 weeks ah ever live.
But I survived day one. I went to day and put in my 40 mins of Cardio and actually I did a lil extra 10 mins fuh good measure. do some abs and I did out fuh de count fuh de rest ah de day.
Tomorrow now is another session wid de trainer..lordee help a sista.

So one week down, five to go. ..help Camp reach her 15lb weight lost goal..can I do it..I don't know but I sure gonna try. I ein even mention the diet part....I gotta work on that issue, so ley me just deal wid de exercising first... I'll come back tuh de diet in a future write up. I gine and rest these old bones fuh tomorrow training session.


Abeni said...

Good luck .By summer you should be fabulous:)

Yamfoot said...

yeah, jsut stick with it, and the days you dont feel like exericsing
just say that you will go for 15 mins, then you will end up staying longer.

Jdid said...

do what ya gotta do

Leon said...

I need to exercise too. I'm as scrawny as a 16 year-old cheerleader. You are cordially invited to my blogoversary celebration.

Stunner said...

You can do it! Just stick with it and it will work. I need to hit the gym during the semester break and get back in shape too.

Ri said...

All the best on the workout program. Those trainers are good though. I am trying myself, I have an extra 20. Wifey lazy though, she wont join me.

princessdominique said...

I know the feeling, that tricky metabolism thing. It gets really slow approaching the fabulous forties.