29 November 2006

A Milestone

Well I better be a day early than a day late, so let me wish all my Bajan bloggers and peepers
a very

Happy Independence
It's been a long time, but we enudured and overcome..
We getting older, stronger and wiser, so here take this poem and come drink some sorrell, eat some conkies and celebrate our big day tomorrow
We Is 40 Now

Man, you see de colours
Boy, you check de scene
Woman, look all around yuh
Girl, dis is not a dream
All de smiling faces
Hearts filled with joy and pride
We showing we excitement
Both inside and outside
Come, join de celebration
From stern up to de bow
Nuttin’ can stop we party
We is 40 now

Barbados, Bim, De Rock
Wha’evah name you call
We rise from colonialism
And now we standing tall
We build a solid nation
Wid people as de base
Education de foundation
Each one in dey place
We made great strides, uh tell yuh
And all can see how
So join we in de anthem
We is 40 now

Look at we citizens
De high standards we does set
Professionals, musicians, tradesmen
Athletes we can’t forget
On de world stage standing
All de touristes come to see
De best place to live and do business
All o’ we natural beauty
Wid open arms we welcome
No good we disallow
Come, join de celebration
We is 40 now

Wid de vision of we fore-fathers
And for our children’s sake
In unity we’ll face de future
De best of it we’ll make
Under God’s good guidance
And loyalty in place
We’re sure to find strength and confidence
Fuh every challenge we will face
So to you, Barbados
We make this solemn vow
We’ll work fuh anuddah 40
Starting hey right now

Written by Philip St. Hill, Copyright


Abeni said...

Happy Independence

Leon said...

Nice poem. Had no idea Barbados was so old (in comparison to other islands that is).

Jdid said...

nice poem

Dr. D. said...

Roundabouts in Bim were all dressed up in yellow and blue decorations and lights from when I was there in first week of November Camp.

Like dey does say...life begins at 40.

Happy Belated Independence Bim.

Stunner said...

Nice poem. 40 years of independence and going strong.