07 December 2006


Well this is it, the last month of the year. 2006 has all of 21 days left in it, can you imagine...wha it seems like just de other day, we were all saying Happy New Years and all that good stuff, then we were talking about Spring and Easter, next it was summer and now looka we jumped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and right into Christmas..De year done gone and we still hey, Thanks Goodness, I hope we all still hey, cause in dis time, some ah we coulda be gone and de rest ah we won't know cause we is just cyber friends... Wunna eva stop to think about that though. What if something serious happens to one of your regular cyber friends? You know someone you correspond with via email, IM your blog and never met and then one day you just stop hearing from them. You have no real name, no address, no telephone number, just a email address. How would you know if that person is still alive or not. Huummmm, things that make you think...anyhow I not going down that line today, it was just a passing thought.

So what have Camp been up to...well actually, I've been quite busy travelling with Mr Camp. You know I told you all that Mr. Camp got a lil promotion upon coming to this new site, so he been travelling around his jurisdiction..doing gree n' meets, and other kinds of things so, so Ms Camp been just tagging along with him. Along with that we been doing a lot of Indepedence activities and it's just been go-go-go. But we winding down for the holidays. The children will be in town for Christmas and we plan to have a nice family holiday on the mainland with the children. this will be the first one in a long time... So I gonna go out and get the tree and do all the fancy decorating stuff .

Enjoy some photos of my recent trips.


Stunner said...

Lovely photos, Camp.

It's so true, the year flew by so quickly, I can't believe it's the end of the year already!

Interesting point you made about bloggers disappearing. It does make you kinda think what the reason is.

Abeni said...

Yeah,We would have to leave a little note somewhere to tell our relatives or friends to inform our cyber world if anything bad happened to us.

Yeah,time really flew by quickly

Jdid said...

yea I think about that too but I guess maybe you'll know or maybe you wont. Hopefully at least one person in cyberland knows the real identify of another and can pass on the message

Yamfoot said...

gallimaufry had mentioned that on a blog entry sometime last year.

my webmaster (ryan) supposed to have my log in details so he would find out and do a post I am sure.

I been thinking of writing down my email log in details and leave them somewhere that they must find it.

but ah ent thinking those will be necessary just yet.

Scratchie said...

Nice Pictures Camp. If anything should happen to me I'm sure Dr.D and MB would hear along the way. Maybe not immediately but certainly in the near future.

Dr. D. said...

Nice pics....would be nice if we knew where they were taken.

Enjoy the hoidays wit the family.

Mad Bull said...

Isn't one of them at Disney World? I was there over the Summer... in August, In fact. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Camp!