24 April 2007

S Fl weekend

Well another beautiful weekend passed in S. Fl. I was rather busy most of the weekend, as I attended a nice dinner dance, had some irie food and good dancing vibes. But I realize I getting old as two dances and the old bones was ready to throw in the towel.

But throughout the weekend I mangaed to get some shots for your viewing pleasure.

Bayshore Park...looking out over to the waterway where the curise ships dock. Notice I had to throw in de Barbados promo at the bottom there

Another Bayshore waterway shot.

Island Vibes, a book written by a promising Bajan author on display at an exhibition

And this being S Fl. there is never a dull moment in entertainment ..so we caught this gentleman in a lovely dance with his partner.

So that was the weekend. How was yours?


Jdid said...

nice photos

Abeni said...

Mine was dull..stayed home studying for exams..That's a love thursday pic right there

princessdominique said...

Any downtime is good time to me :)