18 April 2007


I have tons of photos fighting for space on my computer, so I figure that I'll be sharing some of them with you guys. It's also a look into my happenings here in South Florida. So here goes starting with the

Chihuly Glass dispaly

Citron Tower White Tower

Some theives has stolen two of these magnificant red reedes. each valued at over 20,000. Last I heard they are yet to be recovered and this is the second time they have been stolen.

Carnival Boat Niijima Floats

The Sun Glass Garden

The chihuly display has been in the Tropical Garden here for a while now and I always wanted to see it, but it was quite costly, so I passed but recently, I got the oppotrunity when there was another display in the Gardens and they offered you to see both displays for the price of half this one. I jumped ont the opportunity and it was well worth it. Enjoy


Abeni said...

They are pretty

Jdid said...

i like the photos. glad to have you back

Leon said...

All awesome sights. Thanks for sharing.

princessdominique said...

Wow those are beautiful. I wish I was there. Did I mention I'm officially back?