20 June 2007

Chocolate City

DC.. yup, that's where I've been hanging out this week playing tourist, and enjoying running around the national monuments. So since being here I've also noticed all the changes in the city, especially around the government buildings and the National sights. For one thing, there are police, security gurads, secret service, you name it all over the damned place. then they are barriers, barriers, and more barriers. It was absolutely amazing. DC has become like a fortress in distress, everybody tensed and secured behind their bullet proof glasses and steel iron barricades. But all in all, I'm still enjoying being back in the city.

When living in a city, you tend to take forgranted the beauty of said city and such was the case when I worked in DC. Yea, I would take my daily run down pass the White House on my way to the National monument or the Lincoln memorial. Let's face it, when you are out running on your 1hr lunch time, you don't have time or want time to be sightseeing, monuments, buildings or

statutes, which I notice that DC also have a lot of.
You get out, do your run and back to the daily grind. But it's a different perspective when you play tourist like I've been doing this past week.

It has been a fun and exciting adventure. This morning, I ran from my hotel, up to the National Monument, then down to the Lincoln Memorial and around and pass through the Vietnam Vet memorial..how patrotic seeing that 4th Jul is right around the corner. In all it was about 3mls. I also passed by the new WWII memorial, which I have a little story to tell (no pictures as I don't run with my camera)

Now on the first day when I was reaquainting myself with the area, I passed by the memorial and though to myself, hey, a new monument that I hadn't noticed before. So I kept rnning/walking wondering, how is it that I used to pass by this area and never noticed this particular memorial....huummm..s.o this thing puzzled me the whole exercise trip to the point that I needed to pass and look at the reading of it..that's when it dawned on me... duhhh it's the new WWII memorial erected in 2004... no wonder I never saw it before cause it wasn't there when I would run by the area...now that settled my curosity. I also see what I think the the ground breaking for the new MLK memorial, but we shall see.


Abeni said...

Washington is beautiful..never got around to the monuments though

Leon said...

Having fun are we? Nice to hear of your adventures.

Jdid said...

i need to visit dc

Campfyah said...

DC is indeed beautiful and just like NYC I never appreciated the beauty until I left and came back. What a shame.

scratchie said...

DC is beautiful. Was there a few years ago and quite enjoyed it. Only thing that kept us in check was the parking problem. I did visit the Capitol and the museum and most importantly, the food court in the train station lol.