17 June 2007


to everyone who says that they read the blog, not that I'm convinced but it's much appreciated.

Still on blog vacation but wanted to share some of my recent trip to Sao Paulo with you.

what a huge and beautiful city...This is the view out the window to the Apt I was staying.

A walk in the park and a view of this beautiful lake. It's also where a little boy on his bicycle ran me over, well he fell, my leg got the bruises..on my first day in the city...

I saw these two interesting ducks, never seen any like them before. I missed the shot when they were doing their mating call, male duck with wings spread out and chest push up....

A typical Brazilian meal made of corn, I even drank corn juice...how interesting.

There was a lot of eating and more eating going on..Food was excellent

Of course we did some shopping and sight seeing

It was a wonderful trip. I took over 250 pics. Will definitely have to visit again.
Oh lest not forget the variety of semi-precious stones, they had to drag me out of this store

Obrigada means Thank You in Portuguese.


Stunner said...

Lovely photographs especially the second one!

Abeni said...

Girl,you trying to make me die of jealousy with all those cool trips:)

Jdid said...

corn juice? i need to taste that

Yamfoot said...

What I would want to go to Brazil for would be the bathing suits. I used to live in Nassau and they had a store on Bay Street called Girls from Brazil with lovely bathing suits.

Of course, as a student, I couldnt afford to buy more than one, but it didnt stop me from looking often. Of course too, the rear of the suits didnt quite cover our ample butTTT!!

Oh, I see some sense has been knocked into you and you have resumed blogging. *Hooray*