12 October 2007

Alive Again

Well it'st time to revive this failing blog. My mind wants me to shut it down, but my passion tell me to keep it alive. What passion? you may ask. well it's the passion of expression. Expressing my thoughts on things worthy and not so worthy, things of interest and thought provoking and just the passion of reaching out and interaction with the few blog buddies/readers I have. so what the hell, I'll make another attempt to keep the writing going.

I'll reoganize my thoughts and isses of the blog. so each day will be focused to a particular subject.

Monday - Weekend update

Tuesday - Hot Topics

Wednesday - Hump Day

Thursday - Picture Day

Friday - Awards Day

Sat & Sun (up for Grabs)

So being today is Friday lets start with
the bamms sof the week.

Marion Jones....Girl, you could have saved yourself the embarrasement and money and go ahead and admit that you was drinking the juice. Now you wait till you are broke and married to my Bajan boye to bring him down with you. You are such a bamma. Would you have wanted Oba if you were still swimming in your millions and glory? But why retire now, you were already washed up since the last olympics..but hey everyone deserves a second chance and I'm gonna give you yours.
However you get to replace all that gold with my Bamma of the week award.


Jamaipanese said...

keep the blog alive...i just discovered it

Abeni said...

Yeah Camp,stay with it:)

I wonder if a divorce is forthcoming.

Stunner said...

Keep the blog alive Camp! This restructuring of the posts doesn't sound bad.

Jdid said...

bamma of the week award i like it. poor oba, i wonder if she give him jacket

Leon said...

Don't worry. All bloggers go through that. Glad you've put your blogging back into focus.