15 October 2007

Weekend Update

What a gloomy weekend here in S. Fl... no beach activities this weekend, but it was good eough all the same.

Friday Night - Movie Night -

Why Did I get Married? If you havn't seen this movie as yet, then go see it. Tyler, Janet, Jill, Michael, Richard and the crew just rocked that film and the ratings were there to prove it. $21.5 million on opening weekend. The brotha is going to the bank. Here
is a brief synopsis of the movie. Personally, I think it's a girlfriend movie, hence leave the man/hubby at home but you be bold and take him along with you, just be prepared for a heated discussion afterwards if you do.
So the movie sure did make up for the lack luster sun of the weekend.
another movie worth mentioning. American Soldier - an african film..good plot with tiwst and turns. So there goes the weekend.
How was yours?


CourtneyElizabeth.com said...

mmmk. Now i have to go check it out! lol

Stunner said...

My weekend was just blah! Spent most of it at work.

Abeni said...

weekend? Braid hair and church..pretty dull

I think that movie is interesting..will check it out when it gets here

Leon said...

Strange. I didn't hear much about that movie. Sounds like it has a good plot.

bobby said...

I was told about this movie by a very sweet "young' lady and i trust her taste so i will go see