17 October 2007

Hump Day

Wellit's the m iddle of the week and half way through the day. 2 1/2 more days till the weekend, but who's counting.

Big Brother is Watching

The other day I walked into the house and there on my answer machine was the following: This message is for Mrs Campfyah, This is Ms ABC from the Department of PQR company calling. We have a old check here for you from yrs ago and we want you to call us at 1-800-555-1212 to update your information and cliam your check. Well first I had to replay the message a few times tuh make sure I got it right. I don't remember such check or the circumstances surrounding it, but I do remember the Dept of PQR. so I jot the number down with the intentions of calling first thing the next morning.

Next morning come and before I get down to doing Massa work, I first got do Campfyah work, so I pick up massa fone and mek call tuh 1-800 number. It nuh cost massa nuttin so doan fret.
so I go thru de whole automated bit, before I cud finally find a live person. Five or more mins later I talking to a Ms DEF from de central office. first thing she gonna tell me is tuh give she de
account number. I say woman I ein got no account number, so she ask fuh muh life history, mother, father sister, garndmother, aunt, uncle alla dem names, date ah birth, etc. tuh see if I is who I say I am and den she gonna sey but Ms Campfyah, that account been long closed. I say yes, but allyuh have mone fuh me. Ms ABC call me last night and tell me so and I wants muh money. So she put me on hold again fuh another 10 mins ( I hey thinking... look peoples, massa soon come fi he fone, I gots work to do hurry up wid de dough). After she come back. she want tuh verify more stuff before she tell me yes, we got a check her for yu from since Adam was a lad. I ask how much? she sey $$$.00 I sey that's what I talking bout. free money. Then she put me on hold again fuh another 5, then come back and sey Ms Camp, your check will be in de mail within de next 24-48hrs.

So I ask the lady on the phone, how did you find me. she say, girl wid de internet, anything is possible. Well dah is true, but I say, when dis business was being conducted way back then, I was Ms Woodfyah and not Ms Campfyah. Since then I live outside de country fuh a good few years. I also said that my current info is listed in Mr Camp name and not mine...well lo n' behold, she tell me anything is possible and if we determined tuh find sumbodie we will... Well there is a thing fuh yuh nuh.. so I wonder who else out dey looking fuh me...ley muh check and see if ah tek out anybodie in muh past or who else might owe muh some more dough.... All in all it's good that duh track downa poor girl and me and help a sister out wid some free money.


Jdid said...

if ya search dilligently enough you can find anything online

Abeni said...

it's scary the way you can be tracked down..

Camp,ah beg yuh a loan

scratchie said...

Trust me...if you look long and hard enough on the internet you'll be able to find almost anyone or anything.
@ abeni...typical Caribbeanite...dwl

Stunner said...

My friend told me about a website, can't remember the url right now, but all you have to do is type in the name and it gives you the person's address and phone number! That is so crazy! I would be very skeptical of getting a call like that and then only to be asked for my account particulars. Can't be to careful these days.

Leon said...

Lucky you. Hope it was worth all the rigmarole. I wonder if my blogging's gonna get me some free money too? I wouldn't mind the whole Big Brother thing if it got me that.