26 October 2007


Lordee ah whole wee dun gone and not a stroke I ein type...is bare slackness dis... so here is de week in review.

Free Money - I still hey waiting fuh de check dem was suppose tuh send me from ABC Company. Wunna remember in muh last post ah did suh fussy dat dem call and tell me that dey have check fuh me... but I nuh see check yet, I gine wait another few days and if de mailbox still empty, I gonna haffi use massa fone and mek a call tuh fine ah whey dem sey mi check is.

Weekend Review - Last weekend, Ho Hum, nothing to write home about. This weekend. It raining cats and dogs now, so ah dona know, but I helping to organize this community family fun day so I should have something of interest tuh sey bout dat. Yuh know when yuh put free food together wid de community children wha does happen. We even got free games and prizes.

Speaking of prizes: Today I went into the Family Dollar store to pick up some small lil cheap gifts to give the children. We already have some top prizes, so we just wanted to add a little more to the pot. Anyhow, why it is that I in de $1 store and evathing I see costing $5,$9.99 and eva other price. It call de $1 store cause we expect tuh pay $1 fuh evathing not $5. Some things did even costing $12.99 all this in de damned Family Dollar store.. Why dem din just name it de Family Discount Store..chupse.. Well I did find one two lil things tuh mek de pickeney dem dey feel good. Hopefully all this rain would go away and de children will have a good time tomorrow.

Hot Topics - Let's see what's making news. Opa Loka ban on baggy pants I must say I agree wid de ordinance, cause I tired ah looking at deese fellas musty boxers, I doan show dem my sexy undies and I ein wanna see dem dingy boxers either.

The California Wild Fires changing the landscape of West Coast. The state of Cali can't get a break atall if it ein de fires, then there is the threat of earthquakes... With over 1 million people evacuated from their homes, many with nothing to go back to, We can only pray for them. A good sign today is that theSanta Ana winds are gone, so releive is on the wa. Maybe the weather system that is sitting over S.Fl need tuh find it's way to the west coast.

Picture Day - Twenty yrs ago this month, this handsome fella hey made his grand entrance into this world. Lordee looka how time flies. All I remember from that Saturday morning was "Did you tell her that she has a boy" then muh hubby come pushing dis swibbly looking white baby in muh face.... LOL he ein turn out to bad 20yrs lata

Awards Day - So who gets the Bamma Award this week. Oh yes, this couple hey You mean tuh tell me dat dem culdn't find sumwhey else tuh have duh argument? chupse.

But the Hustler Award goes to Bernice Heslop Yuh can't blame she atall cause I would probably do de same thing too...cha.. In de end de fellas still in court fighting ova de settlement she ghi de ex-husband.. greed is something else yuh. Meanwhile she living confortably and ein tekkin on de two ah dem....

Well the weekend countdown is officialy on..less than 1hr to go before I get Happy.


Leon said...

Been a while Campfyah. Glad to see you're well.

Stunner said...

Maybe they deed to rename the stores to Dollars store since everything is multiples of a dollar!

Jdid said...

our dollar store still roughly a dollar, them trying to rob you

Abeni said...

Rained cats and dogs here too..finally sunshine today..That dollar store needs a memo

Time for a girl to go wid sonny:)

bobby said...

the store did not say it name one dollar store c'mon folks .... eh eh eh eh eh btw i collected that cheque for you hope you didn't mind ... :)