19 November 2007

AMC Awards

Well usually I am no fan of reporting what happened or din happen on the various award shows, yea, I watch them to see what's the latest styles in the wimmen and which ah de boys acting like fools wid their ridiculous outfits. I like to see who win in the various category, to see how I want to update my iPod playlist and that's usually it. Last night was no different. I wasn't even home to see the first half of the show, but what I did see of the second half left me pleasantly surprise. Most notably, Alica Keys performance. In my opinion she blew the show away. Simply put.

Now when she started out, I wasn't too much into the song, because as beautiful a song as it is, I'm just played out hearing it. It's on like every 3 songs in the radio stations playlist...but last night was different... she totaly rocked it with the reggae influence. I din know the girl had moves like that and boxie too. If yuh see gal dey doing de dutty whine and de bow leg flex loardeee. If reggae was to ever go mainstraim Alicia took it there last night. Chaka Demus and Pliers; Junior Reid and Beenie Man will sure have record sales boost after their appearnaces. It was a classic performance. see hey wha dem sey bout de performances.
Now I didn't see Rihanna performance, but I did see her accept favorite soul R& B and was glad that she beat out Beyonce ( still don't get the special appearance by Beyonce bit) and her father showing up in a basic hodrum polo shirt....WTH. anyhow back to the focus. In Rihanna acceptance, she told Alicia how she can so appreciate her performance..way to go, you were slipping on my charts, but went up two notches last night, also too, I distinctly heard the Bajan accent.. another notch, and her acceptance speech was decent, one more notch..
To close off my review..My girl Queen Latifa, did a beautiful jazz rendition off her latest CD and it was good the American Idol cast off Daughtery and his crew..walk home with 3 awards. All in all a good showing of what I don't usualy critique.... Now I hope itunes put the perfomace for download.


Abeni said...

Didnt get to see it but glad to hear alicia rocked it...Go girl

scratchie said...

Didn't see the show either but heard it had some good points...more than usual.

Stunner said...

I didn't see the awards either...in fact I didn't even know it was going on! But with a body and an outfit like that, Alicia don't have to do a thing to get my attention!

Leon said...

Didn't see it at all. Would've loved to see the gorgeous Alicia Keys in performance. Glad our local artistes got some time in the spotlight as well.

Yamfoot said...

I saw it, and Alicia rocked.
As Camp said, didnt know she had those moves in her!