12 November 2007

Veterans Day

We remember all those who serve with dignity and honor in our Armed services.
If you are ever in Wash DC, do check out the National Mall and see the various memorials. It's such an awesome sight.
The Vienam memorial. The most controversal, yet most known and most visited memorial.

The newest addtion to the mall.. sitting between the Lincoln Memorial and the National Monument is the WW II Memorial such a beautiful sturcture.

Tucked away to the side of the Lincoln Memorial is the Korean War Memorial...

and the one least known but dearest to me is the Women's Memorial in Arlington National Cemetary


Lola Gets said...

The Womens Memorial is one of the most beautiful memorials in the DC area! My next favorite, but not so beautiful, is the Korean War memorial. Cant you tell I used to be a tour guide??

Abeni said...

First time am hearing about the women's memorial..interesting

Stunner said...

Nice photos Camp! I did get a chance to check out some those sites and took quiet a few photos myself on my tour of DC earlier this year. I don't think I saw the Women's Memorial though.

Jdid said...

like abeni never heard of the women's memorial