19 December 2005

Semana de Navidad

It seems like I just dropped off the blogging scene. Well that isn't exactly so, just like most other bloggers, life is just happening and blogging is taking a back seat. People going on vacations, many busy shoping, cooking and preparing for the holidays and me just relaxing and chilling. I've decedided to boycott Christmas this year. OK, call me the grinch who stole Christmas or the Scrooge but I'm just not doing Christmas this year. Let me explain why.

My first boycott comes from the fact that we didn't expect to be still here for Christmas. We are long past our departure date and still yet to get word of our pending exit from here. It was our hopes that we'd be celebrating Christmas with our children in our new post/home wherever and anywhere except here in Caracas. We will now be celebrating our 5th Christmas here and we are not pleased at all. So I think the fact that we are still here is contributing to me lack of enthausiam for the holiday season.

We havn't put up a tree or decorations. Why? Why should we. We have no little ones in the house. We don't plan to do any entertaining and we don't need the hassles. We don't go over board with the gifts and excessive spending. A gift or the hubby, one for me (maybe if the hubby remembers) and the mandated gift from the office gift exchange. We got the Tall One his gift thanks to amazon That completes the gift buying process. I must say that I've yet to visit any of the Centro Comercials (malls) for the season. OK, I may go today to get the gift for hubby.

I've also decided that there won't be any whole heap and cooking and stuff like that either. The hubby has requested that I make some coconut bread and that I'll do. I've already purchased a Christmas fruit cake, compliments my Jamacian friend and thanks to another Jamacian counterpart, we'll be crashing at her for Christmas Day lunch. So there goes my christmas plans.

I guess I've summed up my enthausiam for the Christmas Season. Part of my boycott may also come from the fact that the past few months has been filled with activities and I am just tired, mentally and physically. The over commercialism has also gotten the best of me. I'm Christmas out. I was seeing decorations since the beginning of November.

I wish all the bloggers The happiest Christmas and Holiday Season ever. Just remember the reason for the season.

See you soon
Felizé Navidad


Sunshine said...

Hi Campfyah-Beautiful Christmas tree photo. I tell yu, the Christmas spirit hasn't reached me yet. Anyhow, just passing through.

Dr. D. said...

Well, Merry Christmas to you too....nutten wrong with doing it low key. There really does not have to be this excessive spending at all.

I'll be spending my C. Day here at the yard with family and friends over dinner.

courtneyelizabeth said...

hey girl..i'm slowing making my way into the celebration as well...Happy Holidays!

Abeni said...

Happy Holidays to you too.

Mad Bull said...

Sorry that the vibe hasn't reached you yet. I hope the feeling sneaks up on you before Christmas though!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

FreeThinker said...

The Winter Solstice is the original "Reason for the Season!

Season's Greetings!

Jdid said...

boy ya sounding like me, i'm not feeling the christmas at all
5 years? man ya sure? i thought it was less than that.

Stunner said...

I'm in the same boat. Not feeling it either.

Scratchie said...

My daughter is ensuring that I get into it so I will comply. Not totally feeling it but hey...I'll work with it.
All the very best for the christmas and hope the New Year brings you Peace Joy Hope and Love.