14 December 2005


It seems like my blogging time is just falling by the wayside. Sometimes it bes like that, when you have a lot to say, but not much time to say it. So just to keep thing rolling along, let me give you some updates on what's happening.

Since Friday night, I've been going non-stop. First was a holiday piano recital for an organization that I work with. It was wonderful. two female pianist played duo performances, just watching them on that piano together was inspiring and a great way to start the holiday season. Then it was off to a low-down christmas party and farewell for one of our collegues. Two ends of the spectrum. The christmas part was full of ethnic foods, the drinks were flowing and so was the music. We presented our collegue with a parting present and she was so touched that her hubby accepted on her behalf. That's the nature of this business. We meet great friends from all corners of the world and then have to say good bye to them.

Saturday was spent busily preparing for the Kermeese. An international bazzar that is held yearly by the diplomatic and other international organizations in Caracas. The funds raised from the Kermeese goes to support over 25 various childrens charities in Caracas and feeds approx 200,000 children a day. It's the biggest fair held annualy and yes little ole Barbados have their representation there. Sunday was the bazzar and it was an eraly morning getting prepared and selling all day long. It was tiresome, but quite successful for us, as we have our clientle and we do our best to promote the island as much as we can. The Bajan ladies were decked out in their national colors and we did Barbados proud. Monday was spent in reccuperationand rejuvenation. Yesterday we did the post Kermeese house keeping and today I'm proud to announce that Barbados donated over Bs 2,000.000.00 or approx $1, 500.00 to the charity organizations.

Well, you might say that $1,500.00 ein no real money, and it's not, but considering that we are a small country and we donate more than many countries twice our size, says a lot for us. Also mentioning that many countries or organizations are not able to participate, because they don't have the resources or the product, or simply don't want to participate. So Barbados did well. Note, that sum was after we took out our expenses for the fair. Good work for one day.

Now it's on to christmas and the hype surrounding the holiday.

Of note. I'm fasting today. It's a first for me and it's killing me, we'll not killing me but I'm seriously starving and can't wait for 6:00P to come. 3 more hrs to go. I had breakfast and that was it, nothing else except water. Then silly me decide to go grocery shopping and buy all the things that I like, but can't eat right now... Why am I fasting????

Well we have a lot going on in our little pray group. Mainly one of our members brother-in-law is seriously ill and in hospital for the second time. Another member herself had some surgery done today and then there are some marriage issues with some couples. So we decided what better way to rally and pray for each other than by a one day fast and constant prayers. So for all who have issues, with health, family or otherwise, we are praying for you today.


Brotha Buck said...

I've never fasted. I'm not proud of that, but I don't know if I could go without eating. My best to you.

Abeni said...

You lucky you had breakfast.I was about to ask if it was total or liquid fast.Fasting is good but I dunno if I have the discipline

Stunner said...

You've been having a very hectic couple of days!

I've never fasted myself, gas woulda pack mi up!

Ri said...

I heard that Seal the singer, his diet is not to eat anything after 2pm, but the before that he eats what he wants.

Jdid said...

if ya had breakfast ya aint really fasting :-)
hope ya survive though